Prospective Purchaser

Hello all!

I am looking in to purchasing some Wyze cameras to catch a thief who is concealing inside a walk-in cooler. I need to be able to use public wifi and record the concealment to provide to the police. I think Wyze may be the way to go for me…but I’m not sure!


The only problem I can think of in that scenario is the use of public WiFi, WYZE will not work if the WiFi does not have a password associated with it. I am unsure if the WiFi you are talking about has a password or not. The other thought I would have is will they be able to connect to WiFi from inside the cooler, if they cant there still would be a way but it would take some effort.

I haven’t tried it, but my understanding is that it will work on a truly “unprotected” network if you just leave the password field blank. But most public WiFi networks have a landing page that you have to interact with before you have access to the internet. If you’re on one of those, it won’t work.

If the camera needs to operate inside a cooler, though, I could envision you having some issues potentially. How cold are we talking? Refrigerator or freezer?

I have not tried it, I just see many reports between here and Facebook that you can not use it on a non-secure network. There is also this topic:

Gotcha. Well, I’m not totally sure. I’ve seen different reports on whether it works on an unsecured network. Someone suggested that it worked in older versions of the app but maybe it doesn’t anymore – but if you were already connected from the older version, it would continue to work through upgrades. This is all just hearsay, though.

But it seems pretty unanimous that it definitely doesn’t work on an unsecured network with a login portal.