Unsecured Network Prompt on Install

Super excited to get my new Wyze bulbs and… I only have access to an unsecured network. It’s university housing and no unauthorized wifi-routers and no password (they use VLANs so devices can’t talk to each other across the network but essentially we’re all relying on HTTPS/TLS).

Is this normal? I read through Allow Unsecure (no password) WiFi Networks - #83 by jayl and spoiler alert they actually allow cameras to connect to unsecured networks (according to the end of that post) so maybe it was the intention to do the same with other smart-home devices but the app didn’t get updated? Maybe I missed some setting?

Anyway, before I post a Wishlist request I want to make sure that I haven’t missed something. I can actually get behind a secure network requirement for cameras but for a light bulb? Give me a break, have you ever tried to argue with University IT administrators?

Okay, I’ve confirmed the Wyze v3 and Wyze Indoor Power Socket connect just fine. The app only refuses to allow the light bulb to use an unsecured network.


Something like a Gli.net router should help. The university may not allow them but it’s fairly difficult to police.

I am hoping to avoid that setup until I hear from Wyze whether this is intentional or a bug. I read through that whole thread and it seems to me if they made it possible to use Wyze v3 cam on unsecured network they didn’t mean to lockdown the light bulbs.