Can you connect to an unsecured network??
All of my other WiFi network tech works fine but I can’t get beyond the entering a password prompt…
Please help…never needed security in my rural area before…

Yes, you can connect to an unsecured network (but not one with a landing/login page). If the network you are trying to connect to has a landing page where you must accept terms and conditions (e.g., hotels, airports), then see this article:

If you are trying to connect to a completely unsecured 2.4GHz wifi network, follow these instructions:

  1. On the screen where you would enter a password, just leave the password blank. Do not tap that field. Click Next. You will see the following:

  1. Tap “No password” and continue with the setup normally.

EDIT: Apparently his is only available in iOS and older Android app versions. I will pass this along to Wyze so it can get fixed for Android.



Thanks for the tip but I still can’t connect to my home network. When I get to the connection page it will not allow me to get past the password option. The next button is “grayed” out and I can go no further. It is my home network and all of my other devices work fine. The properties show that it is an unsecured network and my Samsung Galaxy phone, TIVO, two IPads, two Smart TVs and two google home devices are all connected with no problem. What am I missing…it will not allow me to get past the password entry… I have never had to enter one with any of those other devices.

What am I missing??!!


Stan Rodia

Sorry, I meant to get back to this post. I’ve since learned that unsecured networks have been prohibited in the Android app and will be prohibited in iOS app in the next release. Wyze feels like there’s too much security risk in allowing the cameras to connect to an unsecured network.

For a couple of possible workarounds, see this: