Connecting to unsecured wifi after new update

I have 4 cameras, a combination of V1 and V2’s and never had any issues setting anything up in the past. Currently on app version 2.0.23. I noticed one of my V1’s wasn’t letting me view it and kept telling me to power cycle, which I did several times. I finally removed it and attempted to add it back. After putting the camera in “waiting to connect” mode and selecting my SSID, the app is demanding a password.

I live in the middle of nowhere and if you’re on my wifi without me knowing, I have bigger concerns. Without a password, the next button remains grayed out and cannot be selected. As soon as I enter several random characters, the next button can be used but obviously it won’t connect. This has only been an issue since the latest app update.

Anybody else seeing this or have any recommendations?

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I should also add that the “next” button is waiting specifically for 8 characters. Is there a change that won’t allow unsecured networks to be connected to?

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Does this article cover what you’re seeing?

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No, it does not. I can’t get past the SSID selection as it seems to require a password. My network is open and I just can’t add a camera, but my other 3 are working fine.


I am a new user and am trying to connect for the first time. I have the same problem that you described. I live in the middle of nowhere and have no password either. Did you ever figure out how to get past the SSID selection screen?

All, please see this Roadmap topic:

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I’m using MAC filtering for my wifi security instead of passwords. I have a whitelist that will only allow devices that I’ve approved to connect. Because of the way this works, I can’t use wifi passwords which means I can’t connect this new Wyze cam I just picked up. My old Wyze cam is still working fine but I set that up before they required wifi passwords. Very frustrating.

Wyze made the decision in the new app release not to allow connection to open wifi networks. Unless Wyze changes their minds on this, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used if you want to keep your base home network unsecured but also provide a secure network for the Wyze. One is free and the other has a small hardware cost. I realize these may not be suitable in all cases.

  1. Most wifi routers have the ability to have a separate guest network, often without password required. You could set this up with your existing SSID (so you don’t have to change any other devices) and also set up the primary network with WPA2 encryption.

  2. You could use a travel router as an intermediary device that will connect to your unsecured home network and bridge that over to a secure network accessible by the Wyze Cams. Complete instructions for that are here:

Finally, there is a #roadmap topic about this asking Wyze to reconsider (link below). You can hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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This is really dumb that wyze has decided to play nanny for us.

I bought a cam just for the purpose of using it on vacation as a baby monitor in our hotel room while my wife and I chill in the lobby. Now I can’t connect because the wifi does NOT need a password.

What an absurd and crippling “feature.”

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I have no control or real opinion on Wyze’s choice not to support unsecured wifi. But for the hotel application, a great number of hotels, while not requiring a WPA password, do have a landing page that you must transit in order to gain access to the wifi. There is no way that Wyze cam’s would ever be able to handle those since they don’t have a screen or a keyboard. In those situations, you would need to follow the advise in the link above that refers to portal pages. If you go that route, you would then have the unsecured hotel wifi covered as well.

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Your link does not work.

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