Allow setup of Wyze lighting products on open (unsecured, no-password) networks

Currently, if you try to add a color bulb or white bulb in the Wyze app you must use a network that has a password. You can easily test this yourself even if you don’t own a bulb by starting the setup process and trying to connect to a network with no password.


This functionality was apparently launched for other devices in 2019:

However, I posted about this issue on April 12 after trying to get support to file a bug report.

If it was a bug I would have expected it to be acknowledged and/or fixed by now. It hasn’t been fixed or acknowledged so it appears I need to wish for it! So here’s wishing.

There are still environments where personal routers are prohibited and smart devices may only connect to a network with no password (they put everyone on their own VLAN so it’s not totally insecure but, yes, password protection would probably be better).

Anyway, all the other Wyze devices I’ve used allow connections to networks with no network password. Can color bulb and white bulb be added to the list?

Thank you.


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Current list of products associated to this change request:

  • Bulb v1
  • Bulb White
  • Bulb Color
  • Light Strip
  • Light Strip Pro