Allow setup of Wyze Cam v3 Pro on open (unsecured, no-password) networks

This would be amazing if I could use this feature for Wyze V3 Pro in order to use them for research on university networks. :slight_smile:

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I’ll run a test to confirm this feature is missing for v3 Pro once I dig through the junk pile to find an old router that allows an open network. :grin: In the meantime… please VOTE for your own wishlist topic.

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It may just be app version, and not camera, dependent.

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My app is up to date (2.37.2). This is also an ability in the Wyze v3 cams, but not the Wyze v3 Pro… The issue isn’t necessarily an unsecured wireless network (or at least, the network isn’t public) - rather, at universities we register our MAC addresses and the network recognizes the address, and so no password is actually used - for Wyze v3, I just skip the password entering portion and it works fine. This is how many universities are set up, and Wyze is beginning to enter the stage of a high power science tool due to their low power usage and humidity/heat tolerance to be ideal animal behavior monitors. So Wyze could potentially profit by making these adaptations for researchers.

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It may be that Wyze just forgot that they implemented Allow Unsecure (no password) WiFi Networks while developing v3 Pro. I ran through the Wyze products last June and found the following lighting products cannot be setup on open networks and created this topic: Allow setup of Wyze lighting products on open (unsecured, no-password) networks

  • Bulb v1
  • Bulb White
  • Bulb Color
  • Light Strip
  • Light Strip Pro

I was able to set up all other products over an open network. Cam v3 Pro didn’t exist when I ran the test. I’ll do the v3 Pro open network test under various flavors of iOS and Android.


Cool, I just added my vote there. Only up to 5! (Though my semi-secret theory is that wishlist voting here is entirely meaningless.)


Forgot to follow up with results of my testing (Thank you for the reminder @SlabSlayer!):

This wishlist topic is a valid request. Attempts to setup Cam v3 Pro fail on open networks. App goes through the motions of attempting to set up, reads the QR code, setup fails and cam announces, “Cannot connect to local network.” Screen times out and asks you to reenter password even though you never entered one. Looks like Wyze forgot that they implemented Allow Unsecure (no password) WiFi Networks while developing v3 Pro.


How hard would this be to implement?

It sounds like a very simple bypass in code, as is currently done for all other cam types on open networks. But I don’t work for Wyze so I can’t really say for sure.