Allow Unsecure (no password) WiFi Networks

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I should have read his response more carefully. I guess that I am off today to buy a GL.iNet travel router. :frowning:


I was going to buy 100 of these cameras to give as a gift to all the employees in my department. Luckly I bought 2 to test them out first and found that I can not connect because my home WiFi does not have a password. I have read through many of the posts and Voted. You should not be making decisions for your consumers! Give them a warning or an option to turn it off. I am really frustrated because I was really looking forward to handing these out at the end of year holiday meeting.


Think I would prefer a Turkey. :turkey:

Agreed. I just bought five. I hate securing my network because of cable company greed. ANYONE with a computer and a simple freely available program can sniff your packets, inject and crack your password in minutes. Now I am probably going to return my cameras. Quit telling people what they must do. Let us choose. After all we are in America where we have freedom of choice…

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That is completely correct, that means they can make the product as they see fit, and you can decide if what they made fits your needs, everyone gets to choose, i.e. freedom of choice


While I agree that Wyze should just let people connect cameras to open WiFi if they really want to, and there are cases where this can be especially useful, that’s not the case for most home networks. And unless you’re still using WEP, what you stated here is completely false.


What? :thinking:

Sorry, yes you are correct.
Its more about capturing the 4 way handshake of WPA2 etc.

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Cable companies have a monopoly. They saw declining profits so they ran the price of cable services up. Kept doing so. Then they saw many going without cable so they increased the prices of internet. The base price I used to pay for 5 mbps was around $30 a month. Perfect for my needs. Now I have to pay $50 a month for 100mbps which really is usually tracking at 50 mbps. Don’t want nor need that BUT I cannot go with a lower tier. As a result of this, I keep my wifi open and free. Run my stuff through a VPN for security purposes.

So providing your neighbors with free Internet is a fight against corporate greed? Interesting.

Nah just sticking it to the man lol. Its the only thing I can do since I am a single person.

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You should consider just using multiple SSIDs. You can have one that’s open for random people, and one or more with encryption enabled for your own use. Not all WiFi routers support this, but many do.

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Thanks mate. Going to have to look into that. Great suggestion. Appreciated. Now to figure out if mine supports that.

I love Wyze. But it is not really your station in life to dictate WiFi policy to your users. So, cut it out. Or issue everyone in this thread a full refund.

If you want to tell me that your database doesn’t know how to accept a WiFi network record with a null pw, Maybe I would believe that.

But the fact is it used to work fine. Then you chose to break it. That is NOT OK ™.

You should let users leave the password field empty if their Network doesn’t use one, and handle it that way.


Totally agree. We have a home in the woods that has an open network so whomever wants to use the place, can. Because of other automation we have, it does not make any sense at all for us to add a password on our WiFi.

I now will trash my Wyze and move to new cameras. This policy of Wyze’s to dictate to me how to manage my network is way out of bounds. Totally disappointed. I’ve referred many people to the product and now regret it.

Don’t trash it - send it to me :slight_smile:


Do you lock the doors? I have some country friends that don’t. Just a different way of living I guess.

If you want other people to be able to use your WiFI, you could always change the SSID to “Password_is_[password]”, and then set a simple password for the WiFi.

Regarding “trashing” your cameras, I hope you aren’t being literal, as that would be environmentally irresponsible as well as wasteful. There are no doubt a number of people here that would at least pay you shipping (if not more) to take them off your hands.


Was going to use the Wyze to replace my Blink camera to monitor my boat at the Marina. It is an open Wifi on the marina dock. I guess this camera has been a waste of money and I was excited about getting more of them. Crazy that Blink will allow but Wyze will not.
This needs to be fixed.

Absolutely ridiculous that a smart plug needs a password. Give me a break. Returning it to the store and buying another brand that doesn’t try to Tell me what to do