User Name / Password Log-in for Camera

At the university where I work, we have unlimited WiFi. In order to access the WiFi, you must put in the user name and the password to connect. Each person must use their user name and password. When I brought the camera to work before the pandemic, I was unable to hook up the camera because if only asks for a password. Do any of the Wyze camera allow for username and password?

This has been discussed before. As I recall, the only real solution is have a router that connects to the university WiFi and then creates it’s own WiFi that your camera connects to.

BTW, on the back end, there is a lot more involved than just a username and password vs a password only.

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The tips in this LifeHackster video may work for you.

Specifically the “mini router”.


A “travel” router used to create an AP is what I used to travel. Simply works around those constraints.

You are simply creating your own hotspot. Any decent router setup as a protected AP should do it.

If you want to be able to define and control with commercial level IT ability, I’d recommend a Netgear flashed with Dd-wrt firmware.
You can also get one setup already from

They will handle an IoT load without breaking the bank.