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At work I need to put in a username and password to get on the network. Wyze only asks for password to the WiFi. How do I connect my Wyze camera at my work WiFi? I know at home I only put in my WiFi router password and my Wyze cameras at home work, but now I want to use one of my Wyze camera at work in the office. Once again, the WiFi at work in the office requires a username, password and domain. I don’t see that option in the Wyze camera setup. Is there a way to connect Wyze camera to WiFi that requires username and password? The Wyze camera did find the work office WiFi, it just won’t connect to it after I put in my password to get into the work office network.

By user name and password, do you mean on webpage or landing page that pops up after connecting to the wifi? Check this support page for some info for the direction you’ll need to go to get it to work. Also being your work, I’d maybe check with IT first before setting something like this up on their system. :slight_smile: Don’t want you to get in trouble. They may also lock down the ports you need for streaming. I’ve had work wifi lock down ports so some streaming services wouldn’t work. Hope this gets you directed to the answer your looking for.

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Without knowing a lot more about your device, OS, and your work requirements I can‘t help directly. However it does sound like you have a work situation where they don’t want outside devices on the company “time”.
One legit workaround might be a portable hotspot, or Travel Router
//edit: @Omgitstony‘s post is exactly what I was referring to! Good info!

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If you’re using a username, password and domain you’re not logging in to Wifi you’re logging into your employers LAN.
The LAN may be connecting through Wifi but it’s not like your home network.

Tony pretty much covered the bases. If you’re not doing this in conjunction with IT, you’re making a mistake. Even aside from WiFi connectivity, you’ll want to be sure your employer is okay with you surveilling their premises. If this is your place, just tell your IT guys you want this on a guest network or something similar.

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That would get you possibly fired with my employer. :slightly_smiling_face: