My Wi-Fi requires me to put in the password via Web page how do I get the camera to connect

I’m not sure exactly what you are describing here. You should be able to enter the password in the Wyze app during the setup process The app then communicates with your WiFi and connects. Are you not able to install via this process?
More info, like what device you are using, what app version you are using, what WiFi and which cam you are trying to install would be helpful.

Are you using some type of shared WiFi like a hotel? If so I don’t believe Wyze products will be able to connect.

That type of connection is called captive portal and is usually designed for shared use like at McDonald’s or your Grocery store or Starbucks.

Some further reading on this topic. But still looking forward to answers from @tomp s questions and what network gear you have :). Is this in a residential setting? Or a workplace?

If workplace or commercial setting, does the login portal say or restrict any internet usage because they may block traffic that the camera needs to work, let alone don’t allow this activity via policys. This last paragraph only applies to a workplace.

this sounds like its a splash page…

did you buy the router and could you tell us what router it is?

This is what I came up with. No sure how this will work. This is an old conversation.