Logging into wifi networks which require username and password

Is there anyway to connect to wifi networks which require a username and password?


If the username/password are required to be entered on a “landing page” for the wifi supplier, then no, WyzeCam cannot connect to such networks as there is no user interface available to enter the information. (This does not apply to wifi that uses standard WPA/WPA2 protocol that only requires a password.)

There is a workaround, but it does involve purchasing a $20 additional piece of hardware, a travel router. The travel router uses WISP protocol to allow you to log into the wifi provider on your computer or phone and then once authorized, the router bridges that signal to a separate wifi SSID which the camera can connect to.

One example of a travel router that is known to work with WyzeCam is:



I have this same issue, but it is not a landing page.

I work at a college. I want the camera for my office.

I need to put my user name and password in to connect to WiFi, but not through a landing page.


Here is a screenshot of my login settings.

If I understand right, rather than having a simple network name/password setup, they have you enter a unique username and password in addition to the network name. Is that right?


This is not a recommendation by me (never tried what you need to do), but it sounds like a travel router should supply you with the additional capability you need. I did a very quick search on Amazon, and the $25 GL.iNET GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router seems to have the PPPoE protocol you seek. It would log onto the HVCC network for you and provide you with a network the Wyze cam can handle. There is a downloadable user manual there you can check out:

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@newshound is correct. Wyze Cams will only connect to a network that uses standard WPA/WPA2 authentication. Using a mini travel router as a bridge will likely be your solution.

Here’s an article with a lot of detail on how to set it up (scroll down to the last section on setting up with a login portal):


Your network may require slightly different configuration in the travel router.

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What a Ripoff
I’m in the exact same situation as Loki. So now I basically have to buy another piece of hardware at nearly the same price as the camera to get it to function?
Are the APP developers too lazy or too incompetent to add this functionality that applies to many many people?

This is very poor from a customer service standpoint.

Welcome to the community, @microtomy. Wyze made a concious decision to not allow this for security reasons. If you would like to discuss this further, I would recommend visiting the following #wishlist topic, which has additional information in it on why Wyze made the decision. You can also vote for it at the top-left of the topic. (BTW, I’m not a Wyze employee)

In addition to what @DreadPirateRush said, if you are instead referring to wifi with a landing page, it is not really possible for the camera to connect without an intermediate device. Why? Because the camera has no screen or keyboard with which to enter the landing page credentials. I suppose it might be possible for the phone’s screen or keyboard to be used instead, but this would require that the phone spoof the camera’s MAC address; something that would likely not be allowed in the app stores.

Same problem here… did you ever get it to work? How did you?


There are a couple problems mentioned above. Depending on which you’re referring to:

  1. An unsecured wifi network: this is now allowed in the Wyze app

  2. A wifi network that takes you to a ‘landing page’ where you have to enter credentials: There is no way for Wyze to handle this internally since the products don’t have displays or keyboards. The workaround is an inexpensive intermediate router:

Bumping this thread as I’ve wasted time and money on the v3 cams, to find this is STILL an issue. WPA/2, which iOS v14 flags as weak/insecure… A wifi security cam company that prides itself on covering a lot of bases, like theft of a cam… …but not so much on the actual wifi side of things.

That’s rather scary to suggest adding a wifi AP/router JUST for wyze, using a long outdated authentication protocol (because it’s easily broken)… What else will an eavesdropper get access to, in addition to free wifi?

I personally find the detail about the landing page hilarious - this likely applies to few, if any of the customerbase.

Guess I’ll hold my breath for actual wifi support to come in …v4? Dare to dream.

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I am running into the same problem as mentioned in this thread. My mother lives ina senior community that requires a user name and password to get connected to wifi. My tablet supports this; why doesn’t the Wyze setup app do so?

It is so frustrating that this limitation has not been addressed.

Does anyone here know of a good web camera solution that directly supports this setup? I do not want to have to add another layer of hardware to work around this limitation.

See my post two above yours for an explanation of why this isn’t possible and a solution (although it does require extra hardware).