Transfer WIFI Settings to Wyze Cam

I have just received my wyze cam, I haven;t set it up yet and was wondering if it is possible to store multiple wifi credentials on the camera?

For example: I will be using my wyze camera as a baby monitor. I want to take the camera to my in-laws and simply plug it in.

Is this possible?

No. You would have to set it up each time you change the network SSID.
The easiest solution is to get another camera. :slight_smile:


Yes and no. The camera will not store multiple wifi credentials, but this can be accomplished with the purchase of a small travel router which costs about the same as on Wyze Cam V2. I use this for the Pan I travel with in hotels, both to avoid setting it up repeatedly, to get through a hotel’s landing page, and to provide an additional layer of security. You set the camera up to the travel router once, and the router remembers the wifi credentials an any number of wifi hosts.

Detailed instructions are found here:

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If you use the same SSID, login and password on the travel router and your home router you shouldn’t have to touch the camera at all.
Is that correct Loki?

Silly question: Why do you go to a hotel with a Pan? I’m guessing for indoor surveillance in case there is a theft in your room? Haven’t considered that possibility before…

In theory, yes. It could be difficult to set up at home since you’d have two separate routers broadcasting the SSID. You could turn off your home router, but then you may not have internet.

What I do is use a unique SSID on the travel router. When I want to use the camera at home, I just plug in the travel router at home and have my home SSID set up as one of its memorized sources.

Yes, and because I sometimes leave my dogs in the room.

Also, with more hidden cameras showing up in hotel rooms & rentals (check the news), one thing a Wyze cam can do for you on the road is look for the IR emissions a hidden camera might put out in a darkened room. You used to be able to do this with some digital cameras, but I know at least my iPhone can’t do it because Apple put an IR filter over the lens.