Moving cameras between networks

I got my first WyzeCam to be used as a travel baby monitor. Most of the time, the camera will probably be used at the same location, but I would like the ability to move it between networks.
I understand that when you move an already-established camera around within the same network area that it is supposed to remember settings and automatically boot up each time.
But what about in repeated networks? Am I able to create a “new device” (even though it’s the same physical hardware) within each WiFi network area and save it and it will remember with each trip? Or can each physical camera only be set up once and I will have to delete and re-establish with each trip to the same location?

To my knowledge it only supports one SSID and password. If the SSID and password were the same on different networks, then yes it would work pending it doesn’t have two step authentication.

The Wyze cam can only remember one wireless network at a time. So unfortunately you have to hit that button underneath each time you go to move it. HOWEVER, the app remembers the cameras by name, so when you re-add the camera to the app on your phone, just name it the same thing and it will go right back into the same slot it was in on your app as if it had never moved. ALSO, if you have attached your phone to the WiFi and added the camera at both locations, the Wyze app will remember the WiFi password for future times you re-add the camera. Which makes it much easier.

I hope this helps! I have cameras i move around too, so I understand.

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As @cam6 points out, you don’t have to delete the camera from the app before setting up to a new wifi. That reduces some of the effort involved.

However, if you really want to make it “hands free”, there is a hardware solution. That is to use a small travel router as an intermediary device. The camera is set up to the travel routers wifi SSID, and the travel router will remember multiple wifi sources and serve as a bridge to them.

Here is a link with detailed instructions:

The travel router is about $20 on Amazon.