Multiple Camera locations

I have two cameras that I use at home. When traveling on vacation I want to bring one of two cameras along. How can I maintain my home network connection, while alternating one camera between home network and guest (temporary) network?

Why not get a third camera since they are so cheap specifically to take on the trips and then you can just connect that one to any wifi you need. Be careful though as some wifi sources may not be reliable enough to work the camera correctly and might give you authentication errors.

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It’s very dependent on the nature of the WiFi access at your ‘vacation location’. Are you vacationing at a known place where you control the WiFi router (i.e., your ski chalet, your beach house etc), and know the WiFi SSID and password? Or are you staying at various hotels, motels, guest houses, AirBnBs, etc?? It can be problematic connecting a Wyzecam to a ‘guest’ network that requires authentication or acknowledgement in order to access the WiFi. Such access portals are often found at hotels.

If you want something that will work in these itinerant environments, the best approach is to use a small travel router. You configure the camera to connect to the travel router’s WiFi network before you leave home. When you get to the destination, you configure the router to connect to the guest WiFi network. The setup of the camera stays the same. Essentially, the travel router acts as a broker between the camera and the guest network.


To expand a bit on @kyphos’ reply…

See the last section here for specific instructions for one travel router:

If you set the Travel Router’s external wifi SSID and password to be identical to your home router’s, then the camera will not need to be set up anew for travel. You just need to be careful not to be running the travel router and home router at home at the same time.

I do agree with the earlier comment that it may be more practical to just have one spare camera for travel. That’s what I do, and I have it set up for my travel router’s unique SSID/password.

Thanks… I’ll get a travel router

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