How many Pan...

How many can you put on one network?

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I would say there is no technical limit beyond the number of devices your router can handle since the cameras use almost no bandwidth when idle. More likely you’d run out of places to put cameras within range of your WiFi before the number of cameras became a problem.

The Wyze app only allows live streaming from one device at a time, so network congestion shouldn’t be an issue either. The only way you would run into network congestion would be if you were monitoring a different camera from multiple devices at the same time, or streaming multiple cameras to the Tinycam Pro app at the same time.

I’ve heard other customers say they have 5, 6, or 7 cameras but not sure if they’re all on the same network.

The info above is correct. I have 12 cameras on all the time and two more on my account for travel. The most I’ve seen reported is about 20.

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RickO ,

You mentioned that you use two for travel. If you don’t mind me asking, do you use them as a dash cam?

No, hotel cams.

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Great idea. That was going to be my second guess


Just curious, to which WiFi do you connect the cameras? Most hotels require a confirmation web page in order to connect to their WiFi so my guess is that your traveling cameras connect to your personal hotspot which you’ll have to leave running 24/7 in your room. If not, please elaborate on your technique.

I use a mini travel router, which lets me get the Wyze Cam connected to the hotel’s wifi even if it has a landing page. See this post for detailed instructions:

You only have to set up the Wyze Cam once and the travel router will remember the hotels’ SSIDs etc for each one you connect to.

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I am using one as a dash cam and will be adding to that. Anything I can answer for you?


I monitor, (stream) 7 cams, in Tinycam Pro app at the same time, no problems

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