How many cameras can I run on my network?

Is there a specification or a recommendation on how many cameras can comfortably run on a certain-size network?

As an example, my Internet connection is 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. Let’s say I wanted to reserve half of that for other uses (for example, I run two low-volume websites). So with 50 down and 10 up that I can dedicate to cameras, how can I calculate how many cameras I SHOULD be able to run comfortably?

This is assuming that the cameras, routers, etc. are all behaving themselves and playing nice.

There is really no way to calculate this reliably.

The cams aren’t constantly streaming, so it depends on how many motion events you are expecting, and if you are expecting they all happen around the same time or one at a time (like are they along a hallway or all pointing at the same area).

Additionally, your ISP might advertise a certain speed, but are you actually getting that speed? And does it fluctuate throughout the day?

Your routers and other network gear may get overloaded by the amount of traffic, and APs may have a device limit.

It really depends, and the only way to find out is to install cameras, and monitor. If your having issues, try upgrading your router, then your ISP plan, etc.


There’s also another issue with the Wyze cams sending and etc from servers on the internet, Wyze cam heartbeat issues, etc So they may see streaming issues anyway. That will cloud your judgement here. I can see any issues getting really confusing and even thinking the wrong things will be possible.

Last time I checked they don’t actually use much internet bandwidth anyway. Its like so low that it doesn’t matter except for stuff like limited phone data plans. Can’t remember the number though.

What has already been posted is 100% true. It all depends on your Router, Nodes, Service Provider, Bandwidth, etc.

I have Verizon FiOS gigabit connection with the Wyze Mesh Router pro’s (2 devices) and am running 16 cameras without issue. When the Mowers come, all of the cameras continually notify and record, not issues during all of this activity.

I also have 101 Wyze Devices connected. A mix of Sensors, Bulbs, Locks, Vacuum, etc. Almost all of the Wyze products. Most of which are used for rules, notifications / Alerts, security, etc. Fortunately, I am not experiencing any issues with the devices.

Note: Out of all of this about 56 devices actually connect through the router and the Sensors connect through the Sense Hub, HMS, or Outdoor Base Station.

I know I am providing a lot of numbers, but wanted to point out that everyones setup is different, but it is possible to connect many devices.


I have no idea what the limit is until I hit it.

I am as cheap as they come. I have fiber, but I pay for the basement 200Mbps plan. I have 60+ devices on my network including 3 different streaming sticks, 25 cams uploading all motion events, about a dozen iOT devices from 3 other ecosystems, and the balance in other Wyze iOT devices.

I haven’t broke the internet yet.