Multiple Cameras show up as only one item in my network ...?

I have a total of 8 cameras, along with bulbs and door switches.
I’ve noticed that my home network is sluggish, so decided to log onto my router and monitor which of the Wyze devices was bogging things down. It turns out I only see a SINGLE Wyze camera in my network devices, and yet I presume each has its own IP address.
Anyone has encountered this same issue? Also, how would you go about for monitoring the bandwidth usage for EACH of the 8 cameras separately ?

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I suggest you mention your router’s model number. People with the same devices probably can help you better.

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Yes, it is important to know exactly what router you are using. Also, what is happening that when you think your network is sluggish?

However, you can check the bandwidth the camera is using by going to the camera’s live view, then touching the screen to get the menus to appear. In the upper right-hand corner will be the bandwidth, usually ~100 KB/s.

Single-stream 802.11n connections should have at least a 12 MB/s throughput (150 Mbit/s connect, 100 Mbit/s throughput = 12 MByte/sec throughput). So if my calculations are correct, 8 cameras averaging 100 KB/s should be using only 6-7% of a single-stream 802.11n connection.

Now, I really had a problem a couple years ago when I connected a HDHomerun TV receiver to my 802.11g router, and additionally attempted to download TV shows from the Internet at the same time. Whenever I did both, my HDHomerun would stop recording. I upgraded to an 802.11ac router, and have never looked back. My point is, there may be other local things on your network eating up your bandwidth (Netflix, Youtube, media servers, torrents, etc). Or, you could have a malfunctioning cam, like you suspect.

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The cameras and bulbs should all show up individually on your Routers attached devices screen. What brand and model router do you have?


Thank you gentlemen, The router I’m using is a LinkSys EA8300. Last I checked it was rather capable.
I have multiple devices on my network (computers, media server, smart TV, Nest, smart plugs … etc) and ALL show up individually. Only the WyzeCam devices show up as a single entry in my network map. Hence my question: Are all WyzeCams somehow sharing the same IP and somehow their bandwidth ‘consolidated’ … ?
My download/upload network speed is around 40/35 Mbps

No, all cams should be displayed separately, and have their own IP address.

A couple questions: Can you get to a list of individual MAC addresses? Sometimes a router will not recognize them and call them something else. Also, sometimes there is a second page of devices.

My cams will start with hardware address 2C:AA:8E or A4:DA:22, but their are other variations too. Do you see those on your list?

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If you can still access each camera’s “Device Info” in the Wyze app, all the IP addresses are listed. Also their MAC addresses.

Unlike other manufacturers, Wyze does not use friendly names for their connected devices. Makes it hard to identify them.

Edit – note that IP addresses can change from time to time, unless you set up each device to use a fixed IP. And if you haven’t rebooted your router lately, you might want to try that.

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Long long shot but are you by any chance using a mesh network with extenders? I have that setup and mine show up as connected to extender but others may use a single device entry for extenders. Long shot…

Are extenders assigned their own IP? If so, this might explain things. The one IP he sees is likely an extender’s IP and all the Wyze cameras connect to it like it’s a gateway.

Edit – Which reminds me, does Wyze have any plans for IPV6?

On my system (ATT-Pace router-AirTies extenders) the extenders have there own IP address but the cams also have individual IPs. But that was my thinking, that possibly others would work that way.

A gateway hides the internal IPs. A router acts as a gateway to the ISP and the ISP does not see the LAN devices at all.

Similarly, if an extender is acting as a gateway (I’m speculating here), then the router wouldn’t see the Wyze cameras, only the extender’s IP.

That’s what I was wondering. As I said, mine doesn’t work that way but I don’t know about others. Can’t think of any other explanation offhand.

I have the same router, the phone app, LInksys’s server access and the router’s internal web engine caused confusion and conflict for the WiFi devices which created the issues you are experiencing.

The simple but painful solution is clear the system and start over using the latest router bios update. I choose the web engine access (direct to router) to reload the system and did not touch my phone’s app or linksys’s server access until it was working well.

Good luck and be patient. I have an average of 55 WiFi devices depending on who’s home and which of their college toys are activated and its working well with the exception of the device’s names. But with two college tuitions to pay for - I can live with it.

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Not sure … I did not set that up per say, unless the router does that ‘somehow’ ?

Yes, similar situation here, I have about 40-50 devices as well … and trying to find the culprit. I’ll try something different. On the router page I see a single entry for Wyze, I’ll try some iOS apps and see what they tell me. My experience is, depending which app one tries, the results are sometimes different. Some apps are good at identifying the devices, others only list MAC and assign generic names …

iOS apps will be poor at identifying devices, as Apple has restricted the ability of apps to get hardware addresses for privacy reasons. Thus, you only get IP addresses with no way to say “that is camera xxx”, especially if you are using served DHCP addresses.

I went and wrote down ALL MAC addresses of my cameras and hand-matched them to all the ‘generic’ devices that the router pulled. In my first post, I mentioned that the router was able to identify only one camera … that is incorrect. It turns out that it was actually a Nest Thermostat (I matched the MAC/IP) … having less faith in LinkSys now. Still, I have 8 WyzeCams, and my router pulled only 7. The search is still on, but not as bad as before.

Thank you ALL for the help. :slight_smile: