How many cameras have you run at one time and what is your upload/download speed and type of Network

New to the forum and apologies if this has been asked before. I was wondering how many cameras members have been able to run at any one time, and what are their upload and download speeds and the type of routers they use, plus what else is on their wifi network.

I have around a dozen cameras but find that if I have more than six cameras online at any one time, I start running into Network problems. I have a wifi6 router, no extenders and use Spectrum Broadband Ultra which is 400 download and 20 upload. I also have about 20 smart switches on the network plus a RIng Doorbell and some smart locks all competing for the router’s attention. Thinking of switching to Spectrum’s Gig plan which is 800 download and 40 upload, as I have been told that the upload speed is probably more important that the type of router whether it is wifi6 or Mesh.

Meanwhile, I turn off the cameras I’m not viewing using smart plugs, as I’ve been told that even when you turn the camera off in the software it still uses some bandwidth, and in my case that seems to be the case.

Any comments, suggestions or corrections welcome.


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