Help swapping wyze app/cameras to new wifi mesh

I just added a WiFi mesh (eero 6+) to the house and can’t seem to figure out how to switch from the old WiFi (email and password) to the new set up… iPhone App

Please Help

SSID and password configuration is done in the router. Consult user manual for the router or contact manufacturer. I would keep the old SSID and password for the new router. If you do that all your gear will connect automatically.

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I just want the phone app to switch over to the other wifi, I can’t get it to accept a new email addy etc

Please be more specific. Are you saying that your phone is not connecting to your new router?

phone is connected to new router and or old, no problem there

The Wyze phone app, is logged into 1 email addy and password, I need it to accept;
New email addy
New password
New wifi

The app will continue to use your old credentials (email, password) until you change them on Wyze. Try your old name and password and you should get back into the app.

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do i need to go the the physical website to do that?
I got back into the app no problem just want to redirect
it to the new wifi

so go into accounts and change it all in there?

When you install a new router, you don’t need to do any maintenance or changing of Email or Password in your Wyze account. That will stay the same is it was.

On the new router setup, Name the network (SSID) exactly what it was in the old router and make the password exactly the same.

When you reboot it, all your Wyze devices will log in and never know you upgraded the mothership. Log into that new SSID network with your phone, open the Wyze App and everything will still be there as it was before.


i kept the old router in place, i just wanted to swap over the cameras from the old to the new mesh

So can I go into my account settings in the app;
Open app;
Go to account
click on account
then erase the current email… (or do I have too)
enter a new email, password and then link/tye it into the new mesh wifi/password?

Again, use the same SSID and password from the old router into the new router. Everything will connect flawleslly.

No, you don’t have to unless you have changed your email address.

Do you have a new email address?

So I know this may seem, Not Tech savvy, can ya tell…
So , change the name and password on the mesh to mimic the old router correct?

Unplug the old router.

Do NOTHING with your Wyze account. It does not need to be adjusted in any way. If your email address didn’t change, your Wyze account doesn’t care what router you use.

Setup the new router. Name it the same SSID. Give it the same Password.

Reboot the router.

Connect to that new router network with your phone.

Open the Wyze App.

All your devices are happy.


Thank you, did it as you typed, I was a bit uncertain… it worked!!

I can tell you how to build a house, this stuff, yeah not so much… Thank you very much

Last question, now that that is done and I swapped to that wifi will the cameras range and or dead zones now fall into the mesh’s range correct?

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You are quite welcome. The devices are not as “smart” as you give them credit. They can’t tell one router from the next when the SSID and PW is the same.

EDIT: :point_down:

It depends on the Mesh you installed (how many sq ft it’s rated for) and if you also have any nodes installed. Generally, Mesh routers have better coverage and signal strength than non mesh routers, but your network topology is highly specific to your physical layout depth and height, wall construction, local band competition, number of devices, placement of router and nodes, number of notes, etc.


That’s a mouth full, and yes you are correct… went thru that earlier today, I went with the eero 6+ , so far so good, this old house is proving to be a beast. we insulated all the interior walls as well when we went thru it (2800sf 2 story) and it blocks a lot of signals from just about everything, but it sure is quiet… LOL

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I am also in a mid-century that I am slowly rehabbing. I had to add a node because the walls are triple layer period sheetrock and plaster with hardwood rough cut studs and insulated w\ packed cellulose.

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One relatively simple way to explain mesh WiFi and how to locate the nodes/router-S is like the Olympic rings. Notice how they overlay each other? That’s what you want. The wider or longer the area, and you spread the nodes around like smaller circles forming a large circle OR in a row to maximize the distance - a straight line. Even if its a three story house, the signal is not flat, it radiates up/down too, like a sphere. So, position the nodes of your mesh system to maximize the size to reach the points where you need Internet.

Example: If I had 3 nodes, and 95% of my devices were at the back of my house, I would want to form sort of a triangle, with two nodes nearest the rear of the house. However, I might have a single sensor or camera out at the street inside my mailbox. Even if only one or two devices, I would put the third node at the front of the house, closest to the mailbox, but still inside the house or garage. I would want to stretch my triangle forward to reach the items/devices inside the mailbox. This is one of the benefits of mesh over a single device router like old days.