New mesh network

Hello I am upgrading my home mesh network to new product. From google to eero 6e. Do I have to reprogram each Wyze camera individually or can I change in the app. ? I hunted hi and low and could not see how to do it. Thank you

Welcome @johnniewilliamson

If you keep the same SSID, maintaining upper and lower case, and Password, the Wyze Devices and everything else should automatically connect to your new routers.

If you need to change the SSID and/or Password, then you will need to setup each of your devices, but you don’t need to remove them from the app. Simply press the setup and add the device again. It will update the Network info but maintain all other settings you may have in the app.


Yep, spot on! One more thing i’d like to add is to ensure the eero pro is set for WPA2 and not WPA3 or if it has WPA2/WPA3 then that is ok.


@spamoni4 is 100% right. P.S. Don’t forget to unplug power on the Google satellites, while using the same SSID. Will not give you specific errors but will hang. Use same SSID, just be sure to power off the other units.