Switched router now cannot connect

Switched router how do I connect/swap cameras to new wifi?

If you keep the same SSID and Password they will automatically connect. This would be the easiest way to do it. Otherwise, you will need to run the setup process on each camera and enter the new SSID when you get to that step. You should not have to remove the camera from your app as it will update the SSID and leave it configured in the app.


Thanks! Had to run setup on each cam again. Hoped there would have been an easier way. Not that it is difficult. Just pulling a ladder out in the dark to hit the setup button on several cameras and wait and scan was just more than I hoped for. Aside from that fairly simple process of reconnecting.

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Have you considered that if Wyze made that process easier, your neighbor could slide in and connect to your cameras and you would most likely not know who was now the “new owner”?

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