I changed my password on my router/wifi and I don't want to have to get a latter to reinstall all the cameras

After having issues with my router, My service provider suggested I changed the password. I did, and of course now have to reconnect my cameras that are not connecting to the wifi. Is there a way that I can do that from the app, instead of having to get up on a ladder and scan the QR code and reinstall each camera? I asked the support dept. via email and got a response that didn’t address my question.

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According to the support pages, it looks like you’ll need your ladder…

" The Wyze Cam v1/v2 and Wyze Cam Pan do not have options to change the WiFi information at this time as this information is stored in the QR code that is scanned during the Setup process.

You will need to walk through the Setup process again so that a new QR code can be generated and your cameras can create a new connection with your new WiFi network name and password.

Please Note: You do not need to delete the cameras from the Wyze app. Doing the Setup process again will override the previous WiFi setup. Other camera settings will be retained.

On the Home tab of the Wyze app, tap the […] in the upper right, then select “Add a Product” to initiate a new setup. Follow the prompts on the screen to setup your camera again. See the articles below for detailed setup instructions."