Changing wifi name/password

Just wondering if I change my wifi name and/or password do I have to go through the setup process again on the cameras?


Yes you do. The only way to change the wifi credentials stored in the camera is to run the setup process again. However, when you do that, do not delete the camera from the app first. Just set it up as a new product, and once the app recognizes that it’s been set up before, it will “merge” it with the one already in the app and retain those settings.


This is very annoying, after years of owning Wyze products this has been an annoyance on server all occasions. Why can’t we just switch networks on the already setup device?!

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It’s not a WYZE thing. If I change the name of my network and password I have to change all devices in my house.

Right… and most of the time it involves just changing the password on the device, not completely going through setup on 10+ devices, just clicking and typing in the password.

Try to fully read something before you digest and respond and waste yours and others times. Wyze should implement a simple coding update to where you can edit network on an existing device. Something I feel compelled to add in any reviews of the devices I otherwise LOVE


Seems like a simple oversight and I feel my suggestion is valid and useful

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And maybe you should have read the directions for your devices before changing the network and password. Or you could have made it simple using the same SSID name and password.

It’s cool I mean I can take extra time to reset up every device not that big of a deal, and you can put more of your money into a company that is technologically inferior in a basic script that allows editing of current network to a new network or password.

But be honest, it benefits everyone for any company to continually improve features and easy of use.

Calm down bro, you’re basically saying “yeah they could make it easier for the customer to use, but don’t suggest any improvements especially ones that are easy to implode the because everyone should read the manuals and instructions over and over to make sure the company is not behind the competition”

Chill tf out and think for a minute. I’m a young educated man and have already re-setup my devices so no problem, just thinking about everyone else and trying to minimize frustration for others and future customers.

In my case I had to switch passwords so a roommate wouldn’t be able to use my connection so whether it was difficult to switch my Wyze devices (which in my opinion was) is a legitimate concern. I’ve been an early investor in 5+ of Wyze devices before they even came out and had instructions (the first cam, the v2 cam, the doorbell, the lock, the light bulbs, and more) thank you for trying to point out it’s no big deal but that is completely missing my point.


Also keep in mind EVERY other smart device I own that is not Wyze branded all you have to do is go into settings and change the network settings, not go through the setup which takes a half hour with all my Wyze products. There is absolutely no reason it is not a simple click and type in new password except the company having a simple oversight of this or blatant neglect of ease of use which only hurts the company you are so vehemently defending.

Have a good weekend try not to stress too much, you’ll live longer.

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I think it has to do with Wyze not having Bluetooth or fallback SSID broadcasting. So with your previous Wi-Fi down, the camera is simply incommunicated. I can only think about the cam communicating via sound or image recognition with the app to change the wifi. I can see why Wyze devs would pass on that hassle.

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You’ve hit the nail on the head. The cameras are connected to the wifi access point/router. You change the settings on the router and the camera is disconnected. To set the new SSID and Password, you have to add the camera back into the app (don’t delete it first) and it generates a new scan code with the information for the new SSID and password. Once the old SSID/password combination is unusable there is no other way to communicate with camera.

Agree with @joeyp on the disappointment with how Wyze implements this. @Tirititito is spot on. With the way this is implemented - what it actually does is create security lapses by preventing people from changing their WIFI password to accommodate good security practices.

My scenario is worst - I have those Wyze V2 mounted on ceilings, behind false walls, in weatherproof enclosures, etc, in hard-to-reach places. Changing WIFI passwords would mean that I have to climb, hack as I HAVE TO also press the damn hard-to-reach setup button !!! What they think is more secure actually created more security lapses, unfortunately. :frowning:

Same with @joeyp - Been following Wyze for some time and bought a few cam V2 since its launched but this hassle has stopped me from buying more Wyze cameras and changing my WIFI passwords

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I currently have 19 cameras, some are 20’ in the air. I love the simplicity of setup and the pricing. The video could be better, but maybe not at this price. I recently changed my wifi and am now at their mercy of deleting every camera and starting over again…yeah, gonna be a pain in the ass.
This is one improvement Wyze needs to work on. I’ve seen a lot of improvements in the last 2 years I’ve had the cameras. I’ll continue to use them because of the price and I’ve always found the customer service to be top notch. I’m hoping that now that they are available at places like Home Depot, they will continue to improve. My fear is some bigger company buys them out for the cheaper technology and shuts down the entire system and support. It’s happened…

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This is one of a thousand obvious flaws which customers have been clamouring about for years. Wyze is more interested in bringing some flashy (if pointless) product out to get more Insta-likes and get more people paying subscriptions. Making existing customers happy doesn’t fit into that model.

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Wyze buys the tech (cameras, sensors, etc.) and makes only software. The hardware seems to sold under many different labels.

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A bit of clarification: while the hardware is based on existing products, most often it has been modified, sometimes quite substantially, internally according to Wyze’s specifications. The form factor may look the same, but internally the components and connections can be quite different.

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