Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

A possibility to change network name and password without having to restart the setup from scratch should be great.

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I wish to install Wyze cams in my rental properties. I do not have wifi service in them and wish to avoid getting it as it will be very expensive to have one for each building.

My tenants do have wifi and are happy to share it with me.

The problem is that I do not live near the property and tenants leave every so often so once they do and I need to set it up again which won’t be easy.

That is why - if there was an option to search for networks then pick and put a password to switch to a different one remotely - that would have been perfect as I would be able to easily switch to a different tenants wifi before one leaves.

In other words, I set it up at the site once then before tenant #1 leaves and while I am still connected - I search for tenant #2 network and then to his so when tenant #1 leaves I am already on another network. And so on…


Yeah it’s kind of crazy that we have to ask for this, seems obvious to me


I have used mine while traveling.

  • I had it set up at my house on my home network,
  • Then used my Phones hotspot while driving to use it as a dash cam,
  • Then used it with my laptops mobile hotspot while in a hotel as a baby monitor.

But going through the setup process is time consuming it would be great if we could just change the setting or even better if the camera could memorize a few networks. Or I guess I could just own one camera for each task.


My cameras are mounted up high and I recently changed the I’d of my wireless network. It would be useful to allow you to change the wireless network the cameras use through the app rather then take them down and go through the setup again.


Thanks to @Loki 's to I saw and am voting for this! Possibly will need to change SSID and really don’t want to hear "ready to connect"over and over!


I would love to see a feature that would allow me to select all my Wyze wifi devices and provide a new SSID and password. It feels like it’s going to be such a chore to change my wifi settings if I ever need to with all my smart home devices I am accumulating.


Found a cute workaround for my problem. Needed to combine my SSID into one name instead of separate for 2.4 and 5G. Problem was most of my cams were installed under the default 2.4 SSID.
Dawned on me that the device doesn’t care what the verbage of the SSID is, it just cares what the actual network is,
So, combined the SSID into the 2.4 name for both, thereby saving myself a lot of re-installing of cams and the 5G capable devices don’t care what their SSID reads as long as they get 5G.
And I don’t have to climb ladders.

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I would like the ability to save a list of SSIDs and passwords that the camera should connect to rather than a single SSID. The camera would try to connect to the first SSID, then try the second if that failed, etc.

  1. This would allow the camera to be moved from one location to another without having to go through the setup process:
    • Baby monitor used at home and at a babysitter’s house
    • Cam normally connected to home WiFi could connect to a phone or mobile hotspot when traveling
  2. It would also allow easier migration from an old SSID to a new SSID, or old password to new password by adding both to the list.
    • When the SSID change occurs the old connection would fail and the camera would try the next (new) SSID
  3. It would also allow customers who have multiple SSIDs to have a preferred/primary SSID but have the camera fall back to another SSID in case the signal is too weak or a network is unavailable.

This functionality is already available in Linux through a plain text config file for wpa_supplicant, so it should be relatively easy to implement on the Linux-based WyzeCam firmware.


(apologies if you are already aware of this)… there’s a workaround for this although it does require purchasing and additional $20-ish piece of hardware. That would be a small travel router such as the GL.iNet. The router can retain multiple wifi SSIDs and bridge the camera’s single setup SSID to them as needed.

Here are instructions:

I use this for a camera I travel with. For the Pan, the GL.iNet happens to have the exact footprint of the Pan, so I double stick taped it to the top and used the Pan’s USB port to power it with a 6 inch microUSB cord.


Yes, I already have an MT300N that I also use for this purpose. I was just suggesting that the functionality is already there in Linux to support multiple SSIDs, and opening up that feature would solve many other issues such as changing SSIDs/passwords/locations without requiring additional hardware or a full reset.


I decided to beef up my router security (with ssid name change) just to realize that I have to drop and re-add 50+ Wyze products under the new ssid. Why don’t you allow to propagate changed network info (ssid) for a single device to all other devices on an account. So I don’t have to spend 2 days climbing ladders re-adding every single device (and I use Wyze exclusively).


Wow, that’s a lot of devices. I feel your pain. I sure hope they get around to implementing this. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top of the topic.


Please do change the way we change wifi network name!


I’m wondering if it’s possible or will be possible in a future update to change the wifi network without having to press the setup button on the camera? I have my cameras mounted to if I run into issues and have to change to a different network (extender) then I have to bring them down and physically press the setup button. It would be great if I could just do that within the app.


The ability to change networks without having to redo each camera individually. All but one camera are mounted in places that are not very convenient to get to. This is a MAJOR PITA especially when we have 5-10 feet of snow on the ground.


It’s not just your cameras. Every wifi connected device you have has that problem. I have around 60 of them.

Because of this, people don’t want to change their wifi password regularly as the experts say you should.

Some kind of standard for updating wifi credentials needs to happen.


Thanks! Voted!

Wyze please allow us to change the WiFi that our devices our on without resetting up the device! Thanks



Your post is eloquent. I have 25 devices. Some are better than others about reconnecting, but it’s usually the ones in really awkward places that don’t. Life would be soooo much easier if there was some kind of standard for updating credentials, or the next best thing - really smart devices.
You have two thumbs up from me !.