New wifi to outdoor cameras

Hello Everyone,

I recently got a new modem for the house so I now have a new wifi name. Can I set this new wifi name to the 2 cameras I have outside without hitting the setup button. Hoping not as I will have to take them both out of the cases.
I know I can name the new wifi the same as the old one but everything in the house is already changed over.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Nope, only way to change wifi settings is to do the initial setup all over again. Like you said, you could of set the new SSID to the same as before, but looks like you’d have to change all the inside stuff back again.

I figured that was the answer :(. Thanks for responding.

No prob. Good luck with the project. :slight_smile:

Hi @jamiet3333, that is a commonly requested feature. This #wishlist topic may interest you.