Updating - Changing Wifi SSID and PWD - Camera Inaccessible location

Hello All,

Is there a way to update the Wyze Cameras’ SSID / PWD via the app or through the main account holder; where as the cameras are in hard to reach places.

E.g. Camera installed on 12 feet tall ceilings or at 20 feet main entry ways. Physical Accessibility to the devices are out of reach, but SSID / PWD need to be applied to the devices after HW/configuration changes to the network.

Or installation of the Wyze cameras were done and connected at one location (Barn Yard or remote office) remote Network HW was updated to new SSID.

Any way to configured the cameras remotely without the need to physical do a push button setup.

If anyone knows a way or if there is a new app update / firmware in the works, it will be good to know.

I am pretty sure there are some that are in the same boat.

Any information or plans of enhancement is appreciated.

Hello @kenbo and welcome to the community

Currently the only way to change the SSID the camera connects to is to setup the camera again which would require access to the cam.

There is a #wishlist item for this which I have linked below that you can vote for in the upper left to let WYZE know this is something you are interested in.

Are you changing the Wifi ssid because of the data breach? Should we all be changing our routers and WiFi names and passwords?? Or was the information about the data breach just for the password for the Wyze account t?

No passwords have been leaked, SSID’s were part of the leak, but by default those are also broadcast by your router. I have not changed mine but if you feel safer changing yours then you should, but as I said no passwords have been leaked.

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Totally possible without a “Breach” haha. Couldnt help that. If the sensitivity level low was and the volume was as well it can be missed that the sound setting is on , Sometimes I forget to turn a cams sound off and randomly some one will walk by or a car on the road will not trigger sound for awhile. But when it does it scares the daylights outta me…

Just to be clear, you have to initiate a “reset” on the camera and add it back to the app to change the WiFi SSID/password, but it doesn’t “reset” the entire camera. It will retain all previous camera specific settings.

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Thank you Jason, I will vote it up. This is just an unnecessary thing to do when cameras are already adjusted and in a secure location.

Appreciate the information.


No data breach… Just finding a solution for cameras that are secured at a hard to reach location.