Bulk SSID/password change possible?

I bought a starter set of seven Wyze Cams for my mother’s home. I set up one camera while at MY house; it was so easy [fun] I got carried away and configured all of them. :slight_smile: Then it dawned on me I would have to reconfigure each of them to match the SSID / password for HER house.

IS there a way to change the SSID / password [in bulk] for an existing group of cameras? This would save me some time getting these cameras ready for use at my Mom’s house, but an SSID and/or password change requirement could happen to anyone, for any one of many reasons.



Matt - San Antonio, TX.

I think you could go into the app and hit the + to add a device, go all the way to where the QR code is displayed (having entered the WiFi SSID/pwd,) and then reset each camera individually (reset button on the bottom) and then scan the same code with each camera. I’ve not tried it, but I think there is a good possibility it would work!

Nope, sorry, you have to do the setup procedure (as DG describes) for each camera.

Thanks to both of you for the prompt answers…

OK, no worries. WyzeCam has made the setup SO easy it won’t be any problem to set them up again.

So, do I need to do anything to ‘orphan’ the existing cameras & remove them from the Devices on my app/phone/account?

Or, just reseting them, and adding them to the other app/phone/account [will remove them from my Devices]? The most recent ‘add Device’ operation trumps any previous instance of that camera [mac address] on someones else app/phone/account?

I’ll give it a try in a day or two when I have access to her phone [to add the app].


Really impressed what WyzeCam can deliver for a $20 bill… unbelievable, just incredible!


Matt - San Antonio, TX.



If you set the camera up on another account, it will automatically disappear from your account, so no need really to delete it first.

You can trickily name the other Wifi network the same as the old one :slight_smile: