Mass install of cameras

I recently replaced my Xfinity modem/router with one purchased from Amazon. Of course, all my cameras are offline. I understand that I can reinstall each of my cameras, one by one, but would really like a way to “mass install” in this scenario (new modem/router).

Use the old SSID and password on the new router and all the devices will connect.


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@WildBill has the best (only) solution without a new Setup on every device. But don’t delete them from the App.

What would be REALLY nice for when an SSID or Password change is unavoidable, is to be able to just log into the App, go to a “NETWORKS” page (doesn’t exist…yet) that lists all my devices sorted by which Network SSID they are installed to, click that network and be able to EDIT the SSID and Password so that each device there is then updated with the new credentials. At a minimum, it would be nice to at least edit this in the Device Settings for each.

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This feature will be added to the Wyze App after Dark Mode is added :rofl:

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