Wireless connection password

Does anyone else think it’s Rediculos that if you change your wifi password then you have to pull all your cameras down from the outside, the roof… and re-add them all as if they are all new?!! This is unacceptable!
Not even gonna bother! With my Blink all i had to do was re-sync the sync module. Come on Wyze get the simple stuff figured out on one thing before you worry about what to make next!


I have to admit that is a rather boneheaded requirement. But it’s not unique to Wyze. I have encountered it on other IoT platforms.

But I agree it should be fixed.


Here’s the wishlist item that more or less covers it:


AMEN to that!


Makes a lot of sense. My Blink cams are capable of doing it. And their software in my little opinion, isn’t nearly as good as wyze software. Wyze team seems more advanced in the software so quite surprised there is no reconnect for a simple internet password?


I have a blink and a Eufy 2k… In my estimation, both have better software than Wyze does at present. I also think that Wyze is capable of turning out really good software. Their hardware isn’t top of the line but it is in line with their pricing guidelines. They are still getting their feet on the ground but once they do, we will see neat things from them.


Your blink camera doesn’t communicate directly with your WiFi, that’s the difference. Many, many other products take the same approach as Wyze does, for good reasons.


That would be nice, but it is still a lot of work to change the password on all the other WiFi devices. To get around having to do it on all my devices, I started changing the SID & password on my new router to the same as the old router. When I started doing this, I also created a long phrase for the password like “The sea is deep blue at sunset” that is easier to type in and share with guest,

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I just had to replace a router and had the same issue.

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findsuz1 – You keep comparing Wyze to Bling. Bling cameras all need to connect to a base station, not directly to wifi, which allows an easy process to of updating the wifi passwords. This is actually a security issue. If someone comes in and removes that one device, you’ve now just lost all your cameras in one moment. You can have Wyze cams hidden all over the place and will all continue recording until they are found. There are a few other reasons why they took the direct to WiFi approach and it does make sense. Maybe they can offer both in the future. Option to have direct to WiFi or a base station.


Sort of…

With both Wyze and Blink, you can instantly kill cloud recording by removing just one device - the internet router, switch or modem. Blink just has the hub as an additional point of vulnerability.

The really big difference with Wyze is the SD card. That’s what allows hidden Wyze cams to keep recording as long as they have power and are not discovered.

I just experienced that last weekend - luckily not with thieves. The internet went offline at an unattended remote site which we couldn’t get to for a few days.

The Blink cams recorded null, zip, bupkis. The Wyze cams that still had power had three days of continuous recording on their SD cards - which turned out to be VERY useful in figuring out what had happened.

All that said, I agree that the Blink method of changing passwords is much easier to deal with if you move cams around much…


Yes I think it should be something more simple and easy I just switched over to a higher speed waiting on my while is outdoor camera and in the process I had the poor law the cameras down and reactivate them on the new Wi-Fi but a re sync button would have allow me to do this with out removing all installed

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Most any camera system actually has multiple points of failure. Power, internet/WiFi connection (or Zigbee or ZWave).

The issue with changing WiFi is a real issue that Wyze needs to overcome. There are any number of reasons you might need to change your WiFi SSID or Password. Personally I change mine every 30 days. You may go years without having to but at some point you likely will.

With Wyze, and a few other IoT vendors, the only solution is to reset the cameras and go through setup again. Not the end of the world but it’s annoying. But it’s worse for some like if some of your cameras are a few states away.

So Security implications aside it needs to be possible and will simplify life if it could be done. Eufy and Ring both support it. So it can be done.


Make your new setup same as old. Voila!
Username password

If you change the wifi password, don’t you have to manually change it on all your devices anyways? Phone, tablet, smart TV, etc. I don’t think it’s fair to expect this as a standard feature on all devices.

That being said, it would be a nice feature to be able to push device configuration updates to all devices you own since that would be a nice convenience. But once again, nice feature to ask for, not an absurd demand.

What is absurd is your spelling redonkulous. Everyone knows it’s all about the donkeys.

I don’t think it’s a problem. I like these cams because they do NOT require a monthly subscription to work and work well. As someone mentioned, if you change your wifi password, you’ll need to reconnect all your other wireless devices as well. If you need the functionality of changing wifi SSID/pwd more convenient, these aren’t the devices for you. I like that you need access to the device to change it.

But if they can implement remote wifi connection change, that would be a plus, however.

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Not always possible if for instance your WiFi has been compromised. Ex spouse, ex roommate, adult child, current spouse has phone stolen etc.

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Yes you do have to change it on all your devices. But there is a considerable difference in changing a password and resetting a device entirely. That is my point.

We can discuss the whys and wherefores ad nauseam but many many IoT vendors do provide a mechanism to do so. Some do not. I have voted with my wallet and from a high of 14 cameras I am down to 2.

The WiFi issue was one of the reasons but not the only reason. Now things that matter to me may not to you and that’s fine. But my opinion is just as valid if you will as yours. It’s kind of neat how that works.


I don’t have to take all my other device down from the sides of my house or from the roof!


I just don’t have to pull my other devices off the side of the house or the roof to reset the password. :joy: