Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

When using camera as a baby monitor we frequently travel to the locations where we know the Wifi config. (Family and friend houses) Rather than have to reconfigure WyzeCam for each house each time it would be nice to store credentials for each network and automatically apply then when an appropriate network is found (Like a smartphone or laptop does).


Please let me add my voice to this request. I currently have 34 IOT devices in my home, and for that reason I am buying a new router to replace the ISP provided router that only supports 30 clients. Resetting smart plugs and smart bulbs to change the SSID is no big deal because you just have to switch them on-off-on-off a few times. But with my 5 Wyze cameras mounted outside I will have to climb the ladder to bring them down and remove them from the weather resistant enclosures. Yes, I know these are designed to be indoor cameras, but the reality is many Wyze owners are using them outdoors in this manner with great results.

So, please, update the app or firmware so we can change SSID without having to physically put our hands on the camera. As people add more and more IOT devices to their homes, you are going to see a lot more people being required to upgrade their routers or switch to mesh systems. Not to mention changing your SSID password from time to time is a good cyber security practise. Especially after a divorce, etc.


I’m not that technological expert but come to think of it… I think this is quite hard to implement because of the following…

  • if the camera cannot connect to the SSID it was configured before, how could it connect to internet to be able for your Wyze app to tell it the new SSID?
  • the camera does not have other means of connectivity, no sim for 3G/4G, no bluetooth
  • the only way I could think of is that the camera should create a wifi hotspot so your phone could connect to it directly and Wyze app would be able to set the new SSID
  • but then, when would the camera should create its own wifi hotspot and wait for a phone to connect? how could it tell that the lost of its known SSID is because its owner change it? and not just because of power outage?
  • and also if this will be the default behavior of the camera if it cannot connect to its known SSID for quite some time, then it could be a security risk since anyone could connect to its wifi hotspot and configure it for himself.

I believe this is the reason why almost all other IP cameras requires these procedure for its network configuration, but like I say, I’m not really that expert, so probably others might have a better and secure way to implement this.


Has anyone ever had one of those “Why, Wyze?” moments? I have!

Being the secure conscience person that I am, I decided today to change the password to my WiFi. In doing so, all of the Wyze products I own (and I own quite a few) became offline. Since there doesn’t seem to be an in-app setting where I can, with one click of a button, update the network password so all the devices would then be re-connected to the network, it has gotten me saying:

Why, Wyze??

It seems the only solution is to reconnect ALL of the Wyze devices manually by deleting them, and reconnecting them INDIVIDUALLY - as if I had just purchased them.

Also, mind you, some of these devices are located in hard to reach areas, or somewhat inaccessible locations. Which is gonna be a REAL pain in the butt to reconnect.

Why, Wyze?? Why???

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Unfortunately if you change your router name or password this is your only option, except you do not have to delete them first

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How do you reconnect a Wyze cam without deleting the device first? Do you mean you just add a new device? If that’s the case, wouldn’t I just end up deleting the old one anyway?

Just add them like new you don’t have to delete first
is just an extra step that you can skip

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Ok, that’s what I thought. Wasn’t sure if there was a different way of doing it. Yes you don’t have to delete it first, but it will be deleted at some point.


Same problem if you desided one-day to change your email address.

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Not exactly sure how it could be implemented in Wyze cameras, but I have another brand camera inside a birdhouse and was able to do it. A couple of years ago, I changed my SSID and password and since the Foscam has a web access interface along with an app, what I did was go to the settings section on the web interface using the cameras IP address. Once there, I scanned for networks and temporarily connected connected the camera to my guest network so it would remain accessible while I changed my main SSID. After that, I did the process again except after scanning for networks, I selected the newly changed main SSID and password. I think I could have also done the same thing through their camera app on my phone, but I decided to use the web interface so I could use my laptop. Either way, using a guest network was the only way I could think of to keep the camera reachable after changing the Main SSID and password. Maybe Wyze can add some sort of network scanning feature as a way to do it also.

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I have been working for HOURS moving all of my IoT devices to a separate, secure, isolated network. (completely unrelated to the Wyze breach, just something I should have done a long time ago)

I have a LOT of Wyze products (You’re welcome!!) and I have to RESET every single device 1 at a time to change them to the new network. PLEASE. You would be doing the entire IoT world a favor and you might even win a Nobel Peace prize for this because it’ll help people worldwide stop going CRAZY setting up multiple IoT devices!

Feature Request(s):

  1. A simple function within the Wyze app to “change all connected devices to new Wifi settings”
  2. Ability to “Update” password on all devices

I understand there are some limitations to this. But here is my guess at how this might work.

If the devices are still connected to the network, then simply send a configuration command changing the Wifi settings and command it to restart. (This would be useful for changing to a new network)

If the devices are not connected to the network, then have the Wyze app scan all Wyze Access Points, connect, and send the configuration settings 1 by 1. (This would be useful when updating the passwords or if a user changes the SSID or something)


That would be a great thing. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to change network info by resetting, etc if there’s only a camera or 3. Over time however, people often collect and add more and more devices and what would be no big deal could turn into a full day or more involving ladders helpers, etc. A big undertaking in some cases. I have other devices including cameras that I can scan for networks and change within the app or web interface. Works great for example for a camera I have inside a birdhouse for baby birds.

I am in the same boat here. I created an isolated network that I am going to move all my Wyze cameras to. Now unfortunately I need to drag a ladder around and go to each camera and remove it from its external enclosure (they are exterior cameras) just to press the reset button.Then once I mount it back, I have to reposition each camera to get the view I need.
The thought of doing this is irritating. I am even trying to decide if I can use a drill and drill a small hole in the bottom of the enclosure big enough for me to get to the reset button. This is unnerving because I would be doing this with the camera just a few mm’s away from the drill bit.
It would be nice if there was a way to virtually press the reset button and all I had to do was hold a QR code in front of the camera. This would still maintain security as I would need admin access to the camera in order to initiate a reset and would need physical access to use the QR code. I just wouldn’t need to remove all of them from their enclosures.
If there is any chance in the world of this being done in the next couple days, please let me know. Otherwise I will begin the ladder-dragging on Wednesday.

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I know I’m in the same boat. If someone had asked me how many internet connected things I have in my home I would have guessed about 50. A few days ago I looked at the All Devices section of the Alexa app and it says I have 91. I didn’t believe it until I manually counted all of them.

Changing the SSID or wifi password will be a complete and utter nightmare for me.


It will be for me also, but I am going to bite the bullet and just do it now before I collect anymore.

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Have you considered using the original SSID for the isolated network, and changing the original network SSID to something different?

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I did, but I also wanted to change the PSK to something a lot more complex as I have a couple infosec guys that live in my neighborhood and spend all evening testing their pen test tools against my wifi.

I tried this, as orig set to home wifi and mobile app, so assumed could switch to mobile app in hotels, while living in hotels for 6 months… Housekeeping and other staff were robbing me blind! This unfortunately did not work for me at all… Now I’ve changed WiFi password and I’m right back in the same boat yet again. Once b4 we couldn’t bundle and send a video of actual crime taking place and it literally was while no thanks to customer service at wyze,. Honestly, I’m about done… You get what you pay for I guess… Disappointed as company seems so promising but not keeping up…

I use this solution for connecting the camera in hotels: