Lot of work if you want to change wifi password

I want to change the wifi pasword. But the problem i have is i have to push the button all four of my cameras one by one. are there anyway you can do faster because my cameras are up high make it very difficult if you have to reset them.


Welcome to the community, @woj9999! Unfortunately, if you change your router’s Wi-Fi password, all the cameras will have to be reset again. It’s not fun I know, but that is the only way to reconnect the cameras again if you change the password on your Wi-Fi. I feel your pain because I have been there and done that. :upside_down_face:


Below is a wishlist item where you can vote for on-the-fly changes to the SSID, which would include the password.

I understand your pain – in order to send my sister a pre-set Chromecast device, I had to change my network setup to her’s. Took me two days to reconfigure all the devices, now that I have so many IoT devices on the network! My WeMo plugs were the worst. Just had to keep trying for an hour or so until they accepted the new info. My Wyze plugs were no problem. The cameras were a pain though. Not very accessible.


If your Wi-Fi access point allows it, create one SSID for your IOT devices and one for everything else. Then you don’t need to change the password on the cameras (IOT) to change it on other devices.


+1 to the recommendation from @wayneluke to use a different (independent) LAN segment for IOT devices. From a security & privacy standpoint, isolating all IOT gadgets is well advised. One never knows what information they might be collecting, sending off to unknown servers halfway around the world, or generally getting up to no good.


Yes, great reply, I have set up a “guest” network on my router ( this may not be the case for everyone’s router) for all my IOT devices, so the password it never provided to anyone, so if I need to change my main password, everything else does not have to be reset, I have over 28 IOT devices in my Home and that would not be a fun chore to go though the devices that have to be manually paired to change the passwords.