New router and modem

I had to get a new router and I set the password the same as the old one and figured the cameras would just connect as always but I was wrong…I had to delete all 18 cameras and add them back and redo all my settings. WYZE needs to have a setting for that. Maybe something like having a password and add as many cameras you want instead of putting the WiFi password in for every camera.


Just within the last week, Wyze said they are looking into doing this:

You can help by going to this wishlist item and “voting” on it to help show continued interest:


I have upgraded routers twice and neither time had to reinstall a single device from any ecosystem, streaming device, or phone (90+ devices). I set the SSID and Password exactly as I had it saved in my Password Manager App from the old router network and rebooted the router. Every device came back online.

And, when I installed new cams, so long as I have my GPS location on, the Wyze App auto fills the SSID and Password fields for me so all I have to press is Connect.


Wow I tried that and it wouldn’t work I even had spectrum on the phone and they even told me I had a reset the cameras maybe because of their crappy equipment lol but I will say what the new router the cameras are working great.

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There is a possibility that the SSID or PW set in the new router may have had a trailing space or case sensitive variation that the first one didn’t.


That’s possible I’m not a computer expert but I’m glad I got all my cameras up and running hopefully I don’t have to do this for a long time lol


That’s why I use a Password Manager app. I can set all my passwords to different random (difficult to guess) passwords and never have to remember any of them. Total copy and paste every time.

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Same here. Been using a password manager for several years. Makes it FAR easier to NOT re-use passwords - like the IT security experts will tell you.


Indeed. I have been using the same app for many…too many years. KeePass. Keeps the database file local, nothing on servers, fully encrypted, key file required, biometric lock. Able to run from an SD Card or USB Thumb drive with the key file in a different hidden location\folder,


If you find yourself needing to do this again, there couple more things you can look at doing to improve your chance of easy transition.

Check and see what the third octet was the old router was using. Example 192.168.?.x What was the number in the ? octet. Common, most common is 0 or 1. (Not that you care, but mine uses 4.) Now do some googling or call the new router customer service and find out how to change the new router to match the old one. This will likely help, as the camera will “sort of fall” to the existing IP address lease that they were already using. No guarantee, but works more often than does not work.

And if you are bothering to do this, restart the camera after the router is up on the new matching address. For that matter, won’t hurt, if you can to restart other IP devices. Will allow them to send the signal requesting a new IP address lease and get an IP address.


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Having the ability to connect multiple cameras to the same network with just one password entry would definitely make the process a lot smoother and save a lot of time. It’s great to see that you have suggested this feature to WYZE, and I hope they take your feedback into consideration. I believe this feature would be beneficial to many users who use multiple cameras and encounter similar situations.

i have Spectrum. Give them their crappy router back and buy a name brand. My Tenda AC23 router has been great handling over 35 Wyze products, along with a myriad of WiFi devices. You don’t read about these routers having exploits being hacked compared to other brands. And it is less than $40.00 on Amazon.

Tenda AC23 Smart WiFi Router - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless (up to 2033 Mbps) Internet Router for Home, 4X4 MU-MIMO Technology, Up to 1400 sq ft Coverage Parental Control Compatible with Alexa (AC2100)]

The Spectrum modem is DOCSIS 3.1 and I have no issues with it.


I also have no issues with my Spectrum modem. But like TomG, I am not using it as a router, nor as a WiFi AP. My router is a Mikrotik RB4011, and the APs are Meraki MR34 and MR42. Neither the route nor APs are consumer grade devices.

I have a Spectrum modem. When I changed from one Netgear router to a Netgear Mesh system, I kept the name and password the same. They Wyze devices connected to the new router without a hitch. I switched over to a Wyze Mesh Router last week. Kept the name and password of the Netgear Mesh router, but had to re-add every Wyze device.

We lost power Monday evening for two hours. Modem and router are connected to a UPS system. Connected the UPS to a solar generator to eliminate the “off grid” alarm and to extend the UPS runtime. (Only lasts for 30 minutes.) Unfortunately, when the power goes out, so does Spectrum internet service. When the grid power returned, Spectrum internet service was restored. The Wyze devices took about 10 minutes to reboot. I could access all devices on the Wyze app (iPhone) and Alexa/Echo devices.

This morning (Wednesday, 2/1/23), the Wyze Router was off-line. Modem was on-line. Restarted the Wyze router and about 5 minutes later, system was back to normal. I need to start keeping a trouble-shooting log.

I dont use a Wyze router, but I do use a dedicated router for ALL of my Wyze products. And i have that configuration backed up on a thumb drive. We went thru 3 ISP provided wifi routers last year and about 3 months ago got the fiber internet we had been promised in rural Ga for 20 years. 2gig vs 30meg dsl on 60 year old copper sucked. I have a cellular router that has come in handy so many times. I have the dedicated router connected to the ISP fiber router via fiber patch to router’s gig port. We have 200 acres and 20 plus Wyze cams, openers and other Wyze devices. So i have a network of long range access points, directional and high gain antennae which gives me wifi across all 200 acres. And with solar and power boxes Ive built using the super light long lasting LiFePo batteries, charging boards and dc-dc buck converters, i have power for devices anywhere i need it. I used a couple of v3 cams and Wyze garage door openers and with minor mods i am using them daily with my two gate openers which are home brew units and now using another linear actuator and remote control components i’m putting together a v3 cam monitored and Wyze garage door controller opener for our chicken coup. Hold the laughter if especially if you have or tried to buy a dozen eggs lately. (And we are adding to the flock of hens soon).

I’d love to see the ability to change network info for any cam or in bulk available in the app.

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Look into Tenda. They are a Chinese company and they’ve been accused of relaying data from their routers back to China. I have no idea if there’s any truth to it but…

Wyze cameras won’t work on 5 GHz WiFi. If your new WiFi is broadcasting on both bands your cameras may have been trying to connect to 5 GHz. Manually, re-adding each camera may have forced each camera on to 2.4 GHz.