My router password changed. How do I change it on cameras?

I got a new router and now have a new network password. How do I change it on my cameras?

You should instead change your new router’s SSID (network name) & password to what your old router used. Then everything will instantly work with it!


And before you ask, no, there is no other way besides resetting the cameras from scratch. Please follow the advice above.


Which means if you practice good security and change passwords at least annually it’s a royal pain. :frowning:
@Newshound - isn’t there a wish list item for changing passwords?


Of course this only helps with your Wyze devices:


I want to point out that any many cases, this does not work. At least when switching completely from one router to another (in my case ASUS to TPLink). When I upgraded routers, I attempted this same trick with the SSID and passwords, but the devices did not connect, not just WYZE either, none of them would connect (Google home displays, ECO Plug timer, some of my Philips Hue stuff, etc.). Perhaps it is because despite the fact we see the same info, the devices see a different grouping of 1s and 0s.

Or there is a subtle difference you haven’t noticed…a space in the SSID or password (say at the end), maybe the 2.4 and 5ghz share the same SSID. There are several possibilities.

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Or the encryption algorithm differed…