Changing to new wifi network

There should be an easier way to change wifi networks in the app then having to delete and reinstall camera. When cameras are 20 - 25 ft off the ground this isn’t easy for outdoor cameras w/ floodlight

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Maybe there should be. Maybe there’s an easier way. You don’t say here, but I suspect you are replacing your router? WE here, (I can say we routinely suggest this), encourage you to simply change the SSID/Network name and the password your old router was using to the same name - same SSID/password your new router would use. That way everything you have on your old network will simply connect to the router.

For those folks reading that don’t understand what I said? Its like getting a new lock for the house, but instead of issuing the entire family of 12 new keys, to simply change the lock to match all the old keys.


I tried changing to same network name but didn’t work due to different brand of router.

Are you using the floodlight v2? Or the Wyze cam outdoor v2 like the topic is tagged?

Why didn’t it work using a new router? Just changing the SSID and the password to be the same as the previous network was.

Its a Wyze cam v3. Don’t know had to delete camera and get up to it and repair w/ new wifi. the new router didn’t like changing to the previous SSID.

What’s the router model, or if supplied by the ISP, name the ISP and the router model. Model name should be on the device itself. People here who have the same router might be able to help.

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You don’t have to delete the camera first. If you go the route of setting up the device as new, just follow the add a device instructions in the app.

Can you explain what “didn’t like” means? Did it throw an error code? As many specifics as you can give will help with the troubleshooting here.

If you do successfully change the new router to the old Wi-Fi SSID and password, you may need to power cycle your cameras for them to reconnect to the new router with the old information. There’s also probably a security settings you need to mimic from the old as well like WPA2, not wpa3, etc.

Please, please forgive my bluntness. But that is ridiculous. No manufacturer would/does build/sell a router that the SSID and password can’t be changed. That’s like saying some car manufacturer build a car that you could not remove and replace the tires. My apologies if I even slightly insulted you.

I encourage you to check with the manufacturer’s web site for instructions. You also might search that brand/model on Youtube for fellow customers helper videos.

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I found the issue. I totally forgot I had an extender in a spare room upstairs for the old router that was causing the issues. Its been in there for a couple years, No u didn’t insult in any way. lol My skin is way to thick to be insulted by any comment. lol


Thank you for that. There are many that would have taken issue. I say again, we have seen this question many times. And we always suggest just renaming the new router to use the same SSID/passoword. When I say we, that’s not just me with a mouse in my pocket. We see many other forum members suggest this idea.

And very glad it worked out for you.

In here, in Core, other Wyze communities, in other electronic device companies communities, etc. not only limited to us here.

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I have learned to hate this camera and this company. The main thing at the moment is that the app should have a button or toggle of some sort to change the bloody wifi. I am so done with this I am literally going to buy something else cause it fogs up when it rains and every single time I need to see what’s going on, the damned thing is offline for one reason or another. It’s not worth the stress and anger it’s causing.