Easy way to reconnect all devices instead of individually when switching Wi-Fi companies

My power went out 2 days in a row and then the internet was switched to new user names is there a easier way

Why did you change the SSID of your WiFi?

Change it back to what it was before.


What’s that?

As long as you setup your Wifi to use the same network name and password as before the devices should connect up normally.


WiFi routers are able to be configured. If it came from your internet provider and they installed it and own it, they may have the Administrator Login password locked. This is different than your WiFi login.

If it is your WiFi router, there is a way to login to the router directly as an administrator and change all the settings, either thru an internet browser or thru an app on your phone. If you don’t know what the settings do, don’t mess with them. They regulate your WiFi network.

One of the settings is the SSID (Service Set Identifier). It is the Name of your WiFi network that you see when you search for WiFi networks on your phone. You can name it anything you want (within set parameters).

If you rename your new WiFi router the same as the old one, with the same password, your Wyze gear will all log back in just as before.


To actually answer the OPs question:
There is no way to change your Wifi Settings through the Wyze app.
You have to “setup” all your devices again with the new details :frowning:

If you are able to change your the SSID & Password of your new router back to the previous one (the same you previously used to setup the Wyze devices), this will work too.