How to connect devices to new internet

Is there a way to connect all of your Wyze devices to a new Wi-Fi? I have a new Internet provider and now none of my devices are connected anymore.

You have two choices. The easiest is name your new network the same as your old network and all of your WYZE stuff will reconnect. You should be able to change the network name/names (SSID) no matter who your provider is even if you are using their modem/router. Also use the same password.
If not you have to set up all you gear as new, you don’t have to remove anything from the app, just do the original setup procedures. Or as a last resort you could make a guest network and name it the same as your old one with the original password.


This is well said.

Adding onto the device setup part, basically if you do not delete the device from the app, only reset the device by clicking the reset button or whatever, then when you set it back up the app will remember its settings and everything.


This is a good advice. There is another aspect of this which is not stated. In most routers, the guest hotspot is a sandbox. Your LAN PCs can connect to the Wyze cameras, but the devices connected to the guest hotspot can’t access your PCs.

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