A quick question on adding products to wifi

I’m dealing with at lease 30 wyze devices… I’ve tailored my lights and plugs and backed up the motion on my cams with motion sensors. I mean, every little bit of smart home tailoring I could do, is done. But, I’m forced to change wifi networks today due to a little reconfiguration. Do you mean to tell me that I have to go around blinking lights and adding plugs all over again today? I’ve already done my cams, so that is out of the way, save just one outside that I’ve yet to do. Is it possible, and by this I mean, with any other smart home products, to not have to do this when you’ve fully adopted a company’s products as I have, and somehow “share the new wifi password to devices who have yet to learn it?” Are any products on the market capable of this? And if they aren’t really, wyze needs to jump on this! I know some of the echo devices do this with newly set up tv’s… and maybe I’m just asking for something that doesn’t exist, but I feel there has to be a better option than wasting a whole morning reconnecting everything. Le sigh…

PS- this makes me thankful for the sense bridge today. At least I don’t have to do those!

Changed internet providers and we renamed the network to the name I had used with the old provider and everything reconnected just fine. I have cams, senors, and plugs . However, I have always used a custom name for my network.


As News suggested use the same SSID and Password from the old Wi-Fi network and all your devices will connect as usual.


Unfortunately, I cannot use the same password. I’ve explained in another post on the forums that I use router repeaters that are connected to a router controlled by my landlord upstairs. So, this definitely isn’t an option. Even though, I could login to the router and change the password, I can’t do this without a conversation with the landlord, and I try to keep those to a minimum.

you wanted a smart hub. where everything talk to a box.

Can a mesh? wyze talk to mesh and mesh talk to router?

I’m sorry, come again?