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I recently upgraded my router/modem to a different model. I went to go switch my wyze devices to the new network but realized this was not something that was possible. The only way to adjust this is to delete your wyze devices and re-add them. For example I finally got my wyze vacuum mapped perfectly, now I had to delete it start the process all over again. This needs to be addressed, all my light schedules and camera detection zones have to be set up again. If their is a way to do this let me know, but their should be an easy way to change networks within the app instead of having to delete and re-add everything. O and we need a dark mode too, am I right?


The best solution is to change the SSID/password in the new router to the previous one. I’ve been using the same SSID/password for several years through several routers


Good to know!

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Just set the new router with the same 2.4 GHz SSID and password as the old one. There is rarely any reason not to. This will make not only your Wyze devices but everything else on your network reconnect without any issue or any need to reconfigure anything else.


You didn’t need to delete them. You can just add them by running setup and then you don’t lose any of the settings.


I’ve never done that. Do you need to assign them the same names as previously used?

I should of posted this before i re added everything! Noted.


Yes, same names and all settings, rules and schedules still work.


That’s pretty neat, thanks. Somehow I’ve missed that until now. It does make changing networks easier (if for example you’re doing it for security - password change - reasons). Yet still a last resort if you don’t like climbing on ladders. :slight_smile:

There is that ladder thing. My cameras aren’t that high so not a big deal. The router change is easier, if you are allowed to change the settings and you know how to do so.

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It’s been rumored but I’ve still never seen evidence of an ISP router (or any other one) that had a hard coded SSID. I don’t believe they exist. (Of course if you’re leeching off someone else’s…)

I had to get a new router earlier this year. I used the same SSID password in the new router as the old one. All three of my cameras were able to connect with issue.


I just switched routers and changed the SSID and password to match the old router. Up and running in 5 minutes and that included swapping the router.

This is something that happens anytime a router is replaced. It happened when I had AmCrest cameras and dumped the crappy free router Charter so kindly supplies that can’t handle much beyond what the basics are.

If I did not know to change the SSID, I would have had to add my Nest thermostat, my Hubitat, and some WiFi bulbs on the deck.


Yup… That is what I did, works seamlessly

I changed networks in the past and as long as you keep the SSID and password the EXACT same as the old one the devices will carry on as normal. Here’s the thing they really need to fix: all of my devices were configured from the app with a no longer used email address. When I paid up front for the Cam Plus service I used my current email address. It took nearly three months to discover why Cam Plus would not work and another two months to get a WYZE wizard to acknowledge that that was why. When I asked for a refund so I could re-purchase the Cam Plus service after another month of lip service all they refunded me was 1/3 of what I paid. I was robbed and there is still no response from management and still no way to register my devices with the new email address without deleting all devices, rules and the Robot house map. What a PITA! That needs to be fixed!

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That is horrible from a security standpoint. The password should be changed periodically.


…and it can be?

It’s the nature of any WiFi connected device without its own display or input. How would you suggest they handle it?

you may be technically right, but I’m not changing the password on 50+ devices periodically :roll_eyes: I’m not worried


And yes, dark mode is certainly most welcomed! I second that.


Thank you! your the first one to pick up on that in the post HAHA!