WiFi Change

I’m movng from one wifi to another. Isn’t there some easy way to change wifi companies without deleting the camera and starting out all over again?

You do have to go through the setup procedure, but you don’t actually have to delete the camera first.

Wonder if it is anywhere in the future of the Wyze cameras?

To be able to alter the network settings, WiFi router, WiFi password, etc. from within the app instead of re-booting every single camera, going through the setup process, one by one, starting all over from scratch?

It sure would be nice to be able to change network settings on the fly via the app.

Any help?

I came here to say this very same thing. I changed my Wi-Fi name and now I’m going to have to go back and delete and re-add each camera to put them on the right Wi-Fi signal. That seems a little ridiculous. I should be able to change it in the app

No need to delete the camera…just re-add. Still not a great solution.

I recently upgraded to a new modem and router. All you have to do is make the wifi ssid exactly the same as your old one and your cams will connect automatically. No need to delete and set the cams up again

It’s completely ridiculous… what kind BS product makes you completely re add or scan qr codes or press reset buttons outside in the freezing cold or whatever crap they make you do just to change the Wifi???.. common WYZE… quit being a piece of crap and make this process easy. Are you hoping for bad amazon reviews?? Cause if that’s what you want, I’m your man.

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I changed the WIFI name last night an immediately lost all cameras(I have 19). I changed it back as soon as I realized what I did and still can’t seem to get them to recognize it. I’ve tried re-adding the cameras, but no luck so far. I am guessing I will have to delete them and start over…