Wifi information

I had to change my wifi password earlier. How do I change that info in this app so my cameras will begin working again?

You have to run through the setup process again by pressing the setup button on the bottom of the camera. However, you do not need to delete the camera from the app first. It should setup as an existing camera when you do this.

ok…so im trying to set up the cam , i asked son what r wifi password is…he says we dont have one…!! what!! that cant be right…can it. can someone explain…my son is NOT helping!


ok, so i had to put the mac address into the router list of devices & it worked. now can i view cam activity on-line? or just on my phone?

If by on-line you mean in a web browser on a computer, then the answer is no.

where is footage stored? i know its the cloud…but where exactly is the cloud & how private is that?



I have two v2’s installed already and would like to move the cameras to the guess network on my router. Pressing the setup button is all I need to do ? Is re-scanning the bar code required? I have no idea which bar code belongs to which camera.

Yes, press the setup button again. You don’t need to delete the camera from the app. Just act like you’re creating a new camera in the app and when you scan the barcode, it will connect to the existing one.