We moved and I need to set up cameras

I can find a camera on my cellphone and confirm the mac address, but how do I set up the new network? Do I have to delete the camera and start over? Also, I logged into my account online (its been since October since we sold our house, had temp housing, then moved etc etc…so I am behind on upgrades too, but no purchases are showing online so does my account have to agree with what cameras I am using too?) please help…Lisa
I even tried to add a device (without deleting the existing camera)…so would a duplicate mac address not let me create it? the camera would not scan the barcode…which is making me think I have to delete the old one?

I just change router. I just did the reset like new and every thing pop up. they know who the camera is already.

did you have to delete all existing cameras first?

No delete. I think it look at the mac and put it on the account.
this is what they say

Moving your Wyze Cam

At any point, you can move your Wyze Cam. Unplug the device and move. Once it is plugged in, it should power up and automatically connect to the same WiFi.

If you have changed the WiFi, you will have to setup the device and start the setup process again to generate a new QR code and with the new WiFi settings.

Please Note: You do not need to delete the cameras from the Wyze app. Doing the Setup process again will override the previous WiFi setup. Other camera settings will be retained.

On the Home tab of the Wyze app, tap the […] in the upper right, then select “Add a Product” to initiate a new setup. Follow the prompts on the screen to setup your camera again. See the articles below for detailed setup instructions.

for example if I open my app for “cam 1” it says my device is offline. there is no place to get it to ask me if I have a new network in this area that I have found.
so if I go to the Home screen I can "add " a new product… at the top…choose for example Wyze Cam Pan…then fill in the network password…then reset the camera and hit next after it tell me I heard “Ready to Connect” but it won’t scan the barcode. this is the same phone I used when I originally set up the system too…and I already confirmed we have a 2.4 network with my provider.

you want to add a product. go the first screen. upper right look for three dots.
it will open up to ask add a product

I recently tried setting up a new camera using an Android device, and it wouldn’t read the QR code. I went to my iPhone, and it read it instantly, and then I noticed that the new version of the app, on the Android, was blocking part of the QR code, so the camera couldn’t see the full square (all three marked corners). I haven’t tried the Android again (yet), but perhaps that’s why it wouldn’t read the QR code for you.

I did ultimately notice that I could move the QR code on the android screen, and then all was in view, it just seems that the Apple version of the app sizes it to fit the space, whereas the Android version does not.

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thank you GenTech……I will try moving it too

I also would move the camera up and down and clockwise so the qr code get read.

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YEAH! that was it! the bottom left corner of the QR code was not visable because the message was covering it! I moved it above the message and all 3 marked corners were now seen! thank you for your help!

Have you tried just setting your Wifi SSID to the same name you used to have in your old home?