Deleted Cameras from App, can't set up on new wifi **Problem Solved**

I’ve have my 2 Wyze V2 cameras set up at another location and have moved them to my home. I assumed I had to delete the cameras from the app to reinstall on the new wifi (I NOW know better). I’ve tried (& tried & tried) to add the cameras as new on the app to no avail. I’ve reset the cameras several times, tried the normal set up several times, force stopped the app. Not sure what more to try before reaching out to tech support. Any light someone can shed is appreciated!!

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What step is the setup failing at? And with what error?

You can use this as a guide to let us know where setup is failing.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Set up fails after QR code scanned and attempts to connect to the network. The message is “cannot connect to local network”. I am logged into the 2.4 network and it is secured.

I have set up my cameras on the previous network (different location) multiple times so I am familiar with the process. This is the first time I have had any problems with set up. I just don’t know what else I am missing - other than I shouldn’t have deleted the cameras from the app.

That is odd. If you are logged into the 2.4 network with your phone it normally just presents the info and generates the QR code.

Is there anything in the way of unusual characters in the SSID or Password?

Found the issue. Kid changed the password. Camera connected. Thanks for the communication!


No worries! Glad you were able to sort it out!

good catch. glad it wasnt something with the hardware!

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I’m having the same issue, followed all troubleshooting tips posted everywhere. I noticed this camera wasn’t updating the software before, so I deleted it from the App hoping adding it again will solve the problem and now it just stays loading after reading the QR code and never gets connected. Have another camera, bought at the same time and no issues with that one at all. If the issue is the hardware, what can I do?..thank you!!