Camera V3 WiFi Reset

I set up a new V3 camera without issue. I now want to move it to a new location that has a different wifi. Wyze has made many suggestions for resetting, most of which refer to V1 or V2 cameras. I have followed them all. None have worked. It will only reconnect to the original wifi. Anybody else seen this issue>

To change the wifi you have tp press the setup button until it says “ready to connect”.

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Thanks - Per Wyze, for the V3 - I held the set up button for 20 seconds, the light goes from solid to flashing re and says “ready to connect”. I then synch to the desired wifi and try to read the Q Code, but dose not respond. If I set the Wifi to the SSID that I originally connect to - No problem. It is just not being reset.

I recently setup my V3 to a new wifi and had no problems. Have you tried setting it up right near the router?

Only way to switch a cameras wifi ssid and password information is to do the initial install again.

If the qr code doesn’t scan, make sure the full code is visible by scrolling up or down, check your phone screen brightness and distance to the camera. Just some things to try.

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@BTHS, Sorry you are having this issue. In addition to the other suggestions, if you have an SD card in the V3, try removing it before reinstalling on your new Wifi.
If it works, I would suggest Reformatting the Card, using this program, before reusing it.