Wyze cam v3 setup

I have 3 wyze cams. Never had an issue setting them up. Bought the v3 camera and when it gets to the final setup, it says it can’t find network name. I have rebooted the modem, router and iPhone. No luck. Please help

Just a few thoughts on things to try:

  1. Make sure you’re attempting to connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network
  2. Make sure the passphrase for your network does not end with a space character
  3. Make sure the security on your WiFi network is using WPA2 and not WPA3
  4. Make sure MAC filtering is currently disabled on your WiFi router / access point
  5. Make sure your cameras are close to the WiFi router / access point

Best of luck

Everything you said is good. I never had any problems connecting the other older cameras. I have the network name as a simple name and v3 camera can’t find name. Reset camera at least 7 times and same thing every time.

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Is your Wyze app updated? Are you selecting the V3 during setup?

App is v2.17.21 and and yes choosing v3 camera on setup. All router settings as suggested are correct and rebooted everything even iPhone.

Crazy thing. I chose another wyze cam name and password that was in the list of saved passwords on iPhone and it worked. Had a list of several ones so I don’t know but am happy to get it up and running. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Just got my first v3 in and am having trouble setting it up. Is there some magic to pressing the setup button. I cannot get mine to ever say ‘Ready to Connect’ and do not want to damage the button by pressing to hard with something other than my finger. Thx.

It’s a mechanical switch, not a touch button. You have to press hard enough for it to engage.

It’s also possible that something is misaligned inside. Call Wyze support if the switch still would not activate.

I have exactly the same issue. Just unboxed the camera. IThe light flashes, but nothing happens when I press the setup button. Purchased thru amazon

I was able to get it to work. I just needed to not be so gentle and pressed firmly with my fingernail into to the rubber. Hope that works for you as well.