Cam 3 connection issues to WiFi

I’m trying to setup my new Cam 3 but when I get to the WiFi connection it says “cannot find that specific network name” help please

Welcome to the forums! Does your ssid name have any special characters in it? Basically anything other than just numbers or letters? Is it a 2.4ghz system? Do you have any other wye products that are connected already?


Did you give the app location access? An iPhone will not allow network access by apps that don’t have that permission. Apple tied those two together when some companies started tracking your location by what networks you could see.


Also, in iOS Settings > Wyze, make sure Local Network is enabled:

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I’m having the same issue with only one of my V3 cams which leads me to believe it has some sort of hardware failure. This is one I had mounted on the outside of my house, facing the back yard, and bringing it into the house made no change. I had “Local Network” disabled, but enabling it did not fix the issue.

Ok, so I just did a little more troubleshooting and just noticed something strange…I purposely entered an incorrect password and, instead of saying “Cannot find that specific network name”, it said “cannot connect to network”. Then, I put the correct password back in and it said “Cannot find that specific network name”, but about 5 seconds later it said “Setup completed” and it connected.