Cannot find specified network name even after troubleshooting

Two brand new wyze cams. When setting up I get the same errors.

Cannot find specified network name

I’ve reset my wireless settings on my iphone and made sure the name and password are correct. Still the same error. Also, when I plug the wyze cam in, the light starts yellow then goes to flashing blue/yellow after 30 seconds or so.

Hi, @dont. Welcome to the community! I would double check the accuracy of the password. It is very easy to miss one character. Also, Sometimes turning off your router and back on will help connection issues. If you haven’t read through this support article here, I recommend it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have an eero home network. I followed all the instructions. I paused my 5g on eero, “forgot the network” and logged back in, verified my pasword, tried multiple wyze cam and i still cannot connect them. Please help.

SOLVED: Check router for NO SPACE after name, also use specific channel.