Adding a Network change for safety on smart cam

This is for those that are very Router savvy. I have had identity theft so am being very careful. Anyways. I want to put my wyze cams on a separate network. The problem is. The network on my phone should be separate than the network on my wycze cams. Yet, I like to look at the wyze cams on my phone. Can you put your phone on a separate network abd still have your wyze cams on your cell phone on a separate network? Is this even possible? thanks

Yes. Your phone only has to be logged into the cam network for the install. Once the cams are up and running, you can access your cams from any WiFi network or mobile data network in the world that has internet access. Your phone can use whatever home WiFi network you create for it.


I also have all my IoT devices on a separate WiFi - which ends up on a separate LAN. No problem at all accessing the cameras either on a different LAN while at home or when not home.

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