Need to connect to 2 houses at once

  1. Have new house with Wyze doorbell and thermostat logged visible on app.

  2. Selling old house, want to install 2 V3 cameras temporarily to monitor the pending open house, (then will move them to new house after sale).

Different networks, of course.

Do I need 2 apps to watch both, and how do I set up the second app?

You don’t need 2 apps.

If you control the router at the open house location, then set it to what your new house uses (SSID (network name) and password). This will make the cameras work without modification when you move them to the new house.

If you don’t control the router, no problem. You will just need to run thru setup again after you move them (you don’t need to delete them from the app first).

So with them all running in 1 app (same network or different network), all you have to do is decide if you want them in a group or not.


I cannot access the new house’s router as it is distant, also need to keep control over thermostat now.

So, I can use the 2 different networks on one app? Cannot see how to add the second network for the temporary cameras.

Are saying that when I turn on the cameras, they will prompt me to sign into the local network?

You add cameras by scanning the QR code. So you DO need to be in proximity to the network, with the right netork name & password.

But the app does not care where the cameras are in the world. The app can have cameras from many different networks in many different locations, no problem. :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you.


@Newshound, is oh so very correct. Think of it as “the key is the app’s login account”. The logged in account on the app, doesn’t care what the camera’s SSID/password, is/was ONCE you have it on that network. The app doesn’t look at the SSID/password AFTER you have the device setup.

But if you want to make this easier in your head? Make both networks the same SSID and password. Doesn’t matter if new house is same as old, or revisit to old house to change it to match new house SSID/password. Even if you are donating old router to new owner, when you give them the info, you can simply say, “I am using different now at new house”, and there’s no reason they would not believe you. The best part of this idea? When you pull the Wyze stuff at the old house to use at the new house, just plug it in and power it up, same SSID and password now works here.

Here’s a short story for you, Mom had an ipad. Sister had a laptop. When mom with to sister’s house, they had to figure again how to connect. Should have been easy - was not. When sister went to mom’s had to figure again how to connect. Should have been (heard this story already?). So, I told niece to change one (don’t care which) to match the other, so they are the same. Ta-Daaaaaa, Problem solved. No more whining, just wining. every body happy and I didn’t have to hear the complaints of something I couldn’t see from where I was anyway.

Don’t let some knucklehead ISP tech tell you that you can’t change the SSID/password at a new setup. They will, and you can. Might take some whining or reading, but can do.

Finally, you can’t install a second copy of the app on your phone. Does not work that way. To accomplish what you were thinking, you would need to log out and login in again, every time to “see” the other account’s devices. think of it like if your neighbor had Wyze and wanted you to look through his camera daily. You would have to log out of yours, into his, out of his and into yours again. Not fun.

I have several sensor hubs connected to the same app and account. If you wanted some entry/motion sensors at the old house, you might be able to put a hub there too to add more security capabilities.

Thanks for the advice. In my situation, my equipment here is AT&T, and my owned unit is 2500 miles away.

But I like your suggestion on how to sync 2 locations together.

Recent articles on CNET and other places recommend changing the SSID/password from factory settings is recommended for new units anyway, and I will for sure do that after the move.

  1. Wyze should support Locations. During configuration, the App would ask for a Location (Beach House, Main Home, etc), and then when you select your Location from the main screen, you would see only those devices added to it. Further, allow the user to define Groups in each Location, e.g. Living Room. I could then control my Living Room devices (Cam, light, plug, etc) at the Beach House very easily. As you can see, it should now be possible to have another group called Living Room under Main Home. This seems like how it should have been designed. Perhaps in the upcoming refresh?

  2. My solution to the WiFi problem when I couldn’t change the Router SSID, was to plug in another router and set up the same 2.4GHz network SSID/PW (I happened to have an old decent router I could use). A much better solution would be for Wyze to allow device configuration that could update the network settings. I think this is in the Wishlist.

Absolutely change from factory. Often when less tech-savvy customers have a new service setup, they let the ISP set up everything. I am not suggesting they leave it factory. The few people that I have helped have what appears to be randomly generated password, and often semi-cryptic SSIDs. So, they certainly don’t look factory. And sometimes the customer has to ask for instructions on how to change the SSID and password themselves. Best to quiz the tech while they are on site, - me thinks. :slight_smile:

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Please go work for Wyze. That’s not sarcasm. That’s “help us”, but helping them, help up.

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I did get annoyed enough that I applied for a job. It wasn’t for the job advertised, but I hoped to catch their attention with a formal Resume and Cover letter. I am pretty sure I’m not going to hear back :slight_smile: . But I honestly think I could help as someone who has worked both sides of the fence in software support. Just having someone dedicated to the forum, would be awesome. Someone with contacts in Support, Marketing, Development, Test, etc. So Wyze customers get some decent updates that provide reassurance Wyze appreciates our input. I would even be happy to push education on Support :-).

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The tech gets slicker, but I still make sure I change the router ID/PW, and change the default settings appropriately, including setting up SSIDs/PW/MAC Address changes, etc. I also make sure that when I plug in via ethernet, that I get the speed I am paying for :-). I know people who get awful Wi-Fi, and are shocked when they plug in and see they aren’t even close to the advertised speeds (so no way will Wi-Fi be that great). I’m lucky that I get terrific service.

Back to the topic. I feel the UI/UX for the App was rushed (perhaps with good reasons), and design decisions were made by people who “guessed” at what users would like (like location, grouping, the lights interface (ugh), etc). But they can recover with Version X :-). My solution to locations was to give everything unique names - very irritating, but I have other fish to fry atm. I create multiple Camera, Lights, and Plugs as needed. That is, I can group the cameras at each location by giving the Groups meaningful names (e.g. Cam+ Cameras, LocX lights, LocYlights, etc). Marginally better organization.

I had this issue with a Security Company’s devices that could also not work in two locations - which was ludicrous. Their solution was for my wife to control one location and me the other. Seriously? I scrapped them quickly because of other issues.

Thanks to this forum, I got both cameras working easy-peasy. No thanks to the super skimpy directions or UTube video they posted.

I did find that if you connect to the wrong network in your house accidentally, you need to power down the V3 camera for longer than a few seconds. I rebooted my phone as well, maybe that helped me be able to log in where I needed to.

I jokingly say that these software developers should ask their mother or wife to test drive their creations. <;)
They would get a lesson on empathy really fast, and maybe a tug on an ear for good measure.

Wyze is one example and I’m looking at you Tesla - who moved everything around on the screen to where you cannot find it.

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We are getting there. I am the community manager dedicated to this forum, and having been a Moderator/Maven here for 2 years prior to that I have seen most the posts over the years. I do have some of the connections you talk about and am still building some of the others. I am in the forum daily and looking at as many posts as I can.


Awesome! You will be a huge help. I still want a job mind you… I can be Customer Advocate Manager +

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I think you’re doing to great job. I know what it’s like. I’ve moderated 2 or 3 different forums in the past 20 yrs. :grimacing:

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