Two cameras in two houses?

I have a wyze pan cam in a mountain cabin and view it nicely with the app. I’d like to buy a second camera and use it in my house to keep an eye on my dogs.
How do I set up a second camera and be able to use the app for both cameras?

Just set up the 2nd camera the same way you did with the first one, with the app logged into your same Wyze account. The location of the cameras doesn’t matter as long as they are on the same Wyze account (and assuming you have sufficient bandwidth at the transmitting and viewing ends).


So they’ll be some way to ‘name’ the camera and when I open the app, I touch the image associated with the camera I want to see?

Exactly. Or you can group them, and instead of touching a static image to view the live feed, you can watch both live feeds at once (up to 4 cams at a time, actually)