Two Wyzecam Pans on 2 phones don't work?

Hey everybody! I just bought 2 Wyzecam Pans a few weeks ago - love them! However, I discovered something interesting the other day that is also a bit concerning. I added one camera to 2 phones/apps in our household. I added my camera to my phone and the other camera to another person’s phone. The other person went on vacation for a week so while I was here alone, I added her camera to my phone so I could monitor the house and our dogs while I was out walking them in the evenings. It worked great - so I told her to log on to her camera one night from her vacation spot and she said she couldn’t because it said “add new device”. When she returned, I added her camera back to her phone and later that evening went to walk the dogs and wanted to check out her camera and it said “add new device” - so when I added her camera to my phone, it deleted it from her phone automatically and vice versa. Why is that?
Can we not have the same camera added to more than one phone? Is it something related to the QR code when you scan it? I would really like to be able to monitor both cameras whenever I want to but we can’t all do that, so only one person can have both cameras on their app at a time. Is there a fix for this issue?

Do you and her log into the app with the same email and password ?

If you do you don’t have to add a cam to another device .what you are doing is adding a cam or cams to the app.

Install app on 2nd phone ,log into the app with the same email and password, you should see all cams that you added to the app with the first device

Thank you - I’m going to give that a shot! We are using 2 different accounts, didn’t realize that would affect how the cameras were added to our phones, but what you said makes sense. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:



I haven’t received my Wyze camera yet but from what I read there is a sharing option in the settings. So she could share her camera with you

Sharing is another option

More info

That’s your problem. Any given camera can only be on one account - period. So when you added her camera to your account, it removed it from her account. Same thing when you re-added it to her account. The proper thing would be to share your camera with her (if desired), and have her share her camera with you. On any given account you can watch cameras from many different accounts as long as they share the camera with you. Similarly you can share your camera(s) with other accounts.